Welcome to My New Place || A Life Update

Once upon a time, I started a blog. It was a requirement for a technology class I was taking at the time. Overall, the class was boring, but I was exposed to the power of having a writing platform that allowed me to share my thoughts and connect with others. I was definitely intrigued. 

At the time, I was going through something rough. I was going through the worst of a season of anxiety and depression. I had just failed a college class because my panic attack were taking over. I stopped driving. I stopped going out with friends. I sometimes stayed in bed all day. It was through this time that I turned to my computer, and more specifically, blogging, to cope with the hell I was going through. I didn't worry about who read. I just wrote. And wrote. And wrote. And by sharing my posts on Twitter, people- both those I knew, and those I didn't- started to read. And they left comments and encouragement. And I felt a small part of me come alive again in the midst of the darkness of my life. That was when I knew blogging was going to be a part of my life from now on.

When I started blogging, I didn't know anything about SEO, coding, hosting, managing social media, monetizing, or link-ups. I chose to blog on Weebly because it was the platform I had the most experience with in my class. It was easy to use and I just wanted to write. But over the years, this space has grown from a personal journal to real blog where I have readers and companies depending on me.

So you can imagine that when I woke up last week and saw most of my schedule posts had disappeared, photos wouldn't upload into my posts and my site kept freezing, I was a bit...concerned. I had felt like I was outgrowing Weebly for a while now, but this confirmed it.

After a TON of research and picking some of friends' brains, I decided to make the switch to Squarespace. Weebly offers no options to export your blog so, I have spent the weekend MANUALLY switching blog posts over to this platform. It's been a labor of love to say the least. I had been meaning to update those older posts anyways (;

So all of that to say, things probably look a little different around here to you. I hope you enjoy the new look-- I actually really love and have already been really impressed with Squarespace, it's SEO capabilities and built-in plug-ins.

However, I've been writing on this space since March 2014, posting every day of the week for months on end. So I still have a lot work to do.

Right now, this spot is more like freshly moved-into home, with boxes made of cardboard strewn about, misplaced items spread out upon the floor, knowing their time is coming, when they finally will find their place in this new space. It'll take a little time but finally, everything will be neatly put in its place. Some people may wait until their home is completely ready, neatly arranged, candles lit and throw pillows precisely arranged, before inviting guests over.

But not me. I say let the partying begin. Living out of a suitcase? Who cares. Come over for a drink and some good conversation. And just like I would invite you to my messily strewn-about home, here I am inviting you to my blog that I am just beginning to unpack. I'm not going to wait until the dishes are packed away and the bed is made before welcoming you over. Because this is real life. Life isn't always magazine ready.

So bear with me through the mess and welcome to my new space! ( :