Washington Monument State Park || Must-See Maryland

Think you've been to the Washington Monument? Think again! Washington Monument State Park is home to the first ever completed monument to honor our first prez. Cool, huh? If you're in Maryland and you love hiking, you have got to check out Washington Monument State Park! 

Washington Monument State Park is located in Boonsboro, Maryland-- for those of you who don't know where that is, we're talking Western Maryland-- far, far away from all the hustle and bustle of urban area. 

When you first get to the trail, there are signs along the path that have significant dates and facts about George Washington's life. It was pretty to be able to walk alongside a timeline of our First President's life. There are a ton of cute, stone pavilions along the way. I'm a sucker for anything with stone or rustic wood, so we had to stop along the way! 

We took the short hike to the top of South Mountain. It was in February, so there wasn't much greenery going on, but it was still a gorgeous day! When you get to the top, you find yourself at the first original Washington Monument! This tower was also used by the Union Army in the Civil War. I love history, so it's always incredible when I get to get that close to the past! 

There tower was closed down when we were there. Apparently, you can go inside. We were supposed to stay behind the fencing that blocked the tower off for safety reasons. But rules are made to be broken.. 

After our short hike to the monument, we began our hike on the Appalachian Trail! It's always so cool to me that Maryland is home to such a famous and large trail! It was a gorgeous day and my first time on the AT so I was super pumped! 

I can't believe there was still snow on the ground from our Snowpocalypse! 

 We stopped and ate our PB & Banana sandwiches on a log. Brandon had packed our portable Bose speakers and we listened to our colder weather playlist while we fueled up, and watching the snow begin to melt. 

The hike back was kinda brutal, not gonna lie. It was pretty much all up hill, but there was so much natural beauty--even with everything being brown and dead looking. It was gorgeous! 


We love Washington Monument State Park! It's a great getaway from the craziness of the real world. Immerse yourself in Maryland's natural beauty!