Turning Over a New Leaf

Today is a big day in the Dem household. Brandon starts a new job today. 

We are both giddy that he has a job that he is so stoked about, has great benefits, and is something he could see himself genuinely being happy about. Did I mention it's a pay raise from his last job plus WAY better hours (aka no weekend or 12 hour shifts?). This job is a straight blessing. 


Brandon losing his job was devastating. It happened right before Christmas.  And it just felt really scary. I am a full-time student and his income was our only way to pay the bills. I felt hopeless and like God was far away.

But as I look back, I see how God wasn't far away at all. He was right by our sides every step of the way. The way that He faithfully provided income even when Brandon was unemployed, the way he closed the door for Brandon at a job that was tiring, stressful and put unnecessary strain on him.  If Brandon wouldn't have lost his job, I'm not sure that he would have left anytime soon, despite the tough hours, the tough work, and the tough co-workers. 

I could not be more proud of Brandon. From the second he walked in the door having to tell me that he lost his job to finding work anywhere he could to provide to slowing down and focusing on things that are truly important like our faith and marriage, he handled this like a champ. 

I am so proud of him and I can't wait to see what this new chapter of life looks like! 


(P.S. I miss my long blonde hair! It's crazy to think these engagement pictures were taken over a year ago!)