Our Honeymoon Roadtrip|| MT. SHASTA, CALIFORNIA

For our honeymoon, we road tripped from Seattle to Victoria to Portland and our next stop is...Mt. Shasta, California! 


We left Portland in the morning, which was sad, because I didn't feel like we spent enough time in Portland. We ate a crappy breakfast at McDonald's and were planning on hitting up Crater Lake. If you've never seen picture of Crater Lake...google it. It's amazing. We were just too wiped out from our last drive into Portland and so we make a quick change to our schedule. That's what I love about road trips- so much flexibility! 


We got to Mount. Shasta around 2:00 PM. I was STUNNED at the beauty of the mountain in the background. The east coast doesn't have mountains like THAT, and I was just so amazed. I love when nature takes your breath away. We walked around the little town, which was cute, but very, very small. With my dietary restrictions, we couldn't really find a place to eat, so we drove to Dunsmuir, a few minutes down the highway to a glorious little gem called Yaks. So much gluten-free goodness. I'm still dreaming about our meal there. 


After our early dinner, we headed back to the mountain. We were newlyweds, my birthday was the next day, we had a Mustang convertible and the sun was setting. Picture perfect. We went up to the summit. We knew we wouldn't have time to hike at all, but we went to just get close to the mountain. The sun was setting, it was golden hour...literally it felt magical. 


Does that NOT look photoshopped?! Come on! It took my breath away and that's basically all I have to say. It was so incredible. The crazy thing is that this isn't even the biggest mountain in California! We have a friend who has hiked to the top of this mountain multiple times. When I finally saw this mountain in person, I was just straight up angry. Like why would any person CLIMB THAT FOR FUN?! 


The lady at the hotel told me that people believe that Mt. Shasta is an alien headquarters. Legit. People think aliens live inside this mountain. As we walked around the little town, there were tons of little shops that sold mystical crystals/stones/other werido stuff to protect them from the aliens or whatever. To this day, Mt. Shasta is one of the weirdest places I've ever been. Needless to say, we found a nearby movie theater that night and saw Jurassic World. 


I'll leave you with this little gem. You're welcome (;