Our Honeymoon Road Trip || PORTLAND, OREGON

In June, my husband and I took a roadtrip down the west coast of the United States for our Honeymoon. We stopped in Seattle, Victoria, and now we're on our way to Portland!


 The day we drove to Portland, we woke up early and took a ferry from Victoria, B.C. back to Port Angeles, WA. The ferry ride was short- about an hour or two and is one of the easiest and quickest ways to cross the boarder (FYI!) We then had about an 8 hour drive from Port Angeles, WA to Portland, OR. I don't mind long drives, but this one seemed to be particularly excruciating for some reason. It just seemed like the time would NEVER end. We did get to drive through the Olympic National Forest though. It was cool to say we did it, but I honestly wasn't blown away (but again, maybe that was because I was SO tired of driving!) Bran and I have a thing for glass Cola bottles so every time we see them, we buy them for fun! We also snacked on our French chips from Canada!




 To pass the time, we did film our own travel vlog, which I've included below. Warning... sassy comments from my sassy husband and sassy dance moves from yours truly. Any Orioles fans notice a little "Country Boy" snuck in there? Gotta represent all the way on the west coast! (:

So, we get to Oregon and guess what? We're exhausted. So what do we want to do? Check into our hotel, refresh and head out and see our new city. Well, we checked into our hotel and....mold everywhere in the bathroom. The wallpaper was peeling. The AC didn't work. The curtains were falling apart and stained. The wood from the bathroom door was peeling. It was a hotel straight out of the 80's and didn't look like it had been touched since (pictures online can be SO deceiving!) We were exhausted, starving and just wanted to sleep soundly that night. I was so upset. I booked the hotels, I felt like it was my fault and I tried not to be upset over something that I tried to convince myself was seemingly little. We didn't know what to do so we decided to clear our heads and head to Multnomah Falls.


 Look at that view! If you're ever in Oregon, this is a MUST see! If you're a Disney nerd like myself, this is where they got the inspiration for the waterfall that is in Cars. It's absolutely breathtaking. I have no words to describe this beauty. The solution to the story is that my husband is super sweetand called a hotel in the Pearl District and explained that we were on our honeymoon and our other hotel let us down. The lady was very sweet and very accommodating and even cut us a deal (which was GREAT cause PDX is 'spensive!) So if you're ever in Portland, the Marriott Courtyard Portland City Center is a beautiful place to stay. You bet we slept good that night.


Refreshed and ready to explore, we walked around the area outside our hotel. We noticed that Portland is a very walk-able city and it felt like a big town, which was nice. It was super laid-back and I just loved that! Some cities you can visit and immediately get a feel for what they are about, but Portland wasn't like that. It was...well..weird. We stopped into Petunia's because it's a COMPLETELY GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY. It was literally heaven. And it's so girly and cute and I swooned HARD.


Then, we walked around and headed to the Saturday Market. If you're in PDX, you gotta check it out! So many unique things and talented people in one place! It definitely gives you a feel for the culture of Portland, which if you know me I love the cultures of different cities! It was here that we met our new friend, Abigailof ARTJaden.
We stopped and talked with Abigail for a while and she was so gracious to listen to our story and tell us her's. We bought one of my FAVORITE shirts from her and she even gave me an awesome greeting card to give to my hubby! Please check out her site, she's absolutely the sweetest and so talented!




We headed to Sizzle Pie for some gluten-free and vegan cheese pizza and HOLLA it was awesome! It had a very Portland feel to it. Then, we went to Powell's which is the largest independent bookstore in the world. I'm gonna be honest, it was cool...but I wasn't super impressed. (Gasps heard all over Portland) but I think it's because I wasn't really looking to buy any books and mainly just went because everyone told us we should. We ended our night in Portland with some live music in Pioneer Square and then a night cap at Southpark Seafood. Will was the nicest bartender ever and he's from DC so it was great to chat about #MarylandProbs.