How to Combat the Fear of Missing Out

We're in a rush. We're in a rush to live and in the process, we're missing it. We are so anxious to hoard all the life we can fit in our arms, that we are missing out on a full life.

I'm starting to worry that our generation finds a full life in never missing out. Last year, the word "FOMO" became a part of our vocabulary. A term meaning "the fear of missing out", FOMO can fill a life with anxiety.

A life of FOMO is a greedy life. It can turn a heart cold and ungrateful, greedy for more experiences, more friends, more photographic souvenirs on Facebook that prove "I was there! My life is cool, too!"

FOMO can rear its ugly head and turn us green with envy, wondering why we've been slighted, why we weren't invited, why we are so lacking.

FOMO distracts us from the life we've been given--the GOOD in our life we've been blessed with.

"The fear of missing out" is just that- fear. And I don't know about you, but I don't want to live a life of fear. God didn't give us a Spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound-mind. So FOMO goes against everything God stands for.

By hungering for a full life and fearing we're missing out, ironically, we are truly depriving ourselves of a full life.

So how do you combat FOMO?

Power. You are not powerless to your emotions, or the actions of those around you. You are the only one in control of your life. So if you're missing out, go out and make your own plans, man. Stop waiting on other's invites. They may never come. Go make plans, and invite someone else.

Love. Be thankful that your friends or whoever you wish you were with is having a great time. Be happy for them. Do they look like they're having a great time in a photo? Be happy they're happy.

Sound-mind. Realize life is so much bigger than whatever you're missing out on. Life goes on and at the end of your life, you literally won't remember whatever you didn't do. What will you look back on? Did you live a worthwhile life of love? Did you make be world better? Did you surround yourself with positivity? Did you waste your life with petty concerns?