Arizona || The Great Southwest Road Trip

In case you missed it, I am recapping my road trip from Texas to California! So far, we've stopped at San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Amarillo, Santa Fe...and today, we're hitting up Arizona! Come along for the ride! 


I was so surprised at the fact that there are actually deserts here. I had never seen a desert before, and I just couldn't believe my eyes! I had been living in this country for twenty some years and never saw this natural beauty before?! 

I also got to see a REAL cactus. As you can imagine, I freaked out. They were all over the place, and if it wouldn't have been so dangerous to stop along the side of the highway in 100+ degree weather, I would have stopped to admire these bad boys further. 

We rolled into Phoenix in the later afternoon, as a thunderstorm in New Mexico held us up a little. But I was so excited to be in Arizona, I didn't care. We stopped at Encanto Park to hug a palm tree or two. 

We also ate at Fired Pies, which had gluten free pizza, and at the time I was eating diary (sorry digestive system!) so this was an amazing meal. It basically was like a Chipotle for pizza, in that you told them what to put on the pizza and they threw it in the brick oven and it was out in minutes. To this day, I still tweet at this company, asking if they could put one of these in Maryland. 

The next morning, we woke up and left for Sedona. I was so excited because my older brother and sister-in-law RAVE about Sedona. It's their favorite place in the world to vacation to, and so, I was extremely excited. I mean those red rocks are to die for, right?! 

We ate at the Coffee Pot Restaurant per my older brother and sister-in-law's suggestion. They had AMAZING gluten free WAFFLES (yes please) and 101 different omelettes to choose from. Gluten-free and gluten-eaters alike were well pleased with this choice of restaurant. Plus, they had an awesome gift shop! 

Next, we were off to the Grand Canyon. I wasn't super excited for the Grand Canyon, but once I got there, it took my breath away. It made me weak in the knees, it was love at first sight, I could stared for hours. I have never seen another sight like it in my life. 

We spent a few hours walking around the Canyon, taking photos, and just overall marveling at the beauty of this place. Still, a few hours didn't feel like enough time and if I had to do it over again, I would stay in the National Park so I could wake up and see the sunrise over this gem. 

I truly feel like you haven't seen all America has to offer until you've seen the Grand Canyon. It sounds silly but looking at this treasure of our nation made me proud to be from here. It made me marvel at all the things this beautiful country has to offer. Sure, we have our downfalls, but overall, America is a pretty kick-a place to live. 

(Always gotta get in there and ruin natural beauty when I can (; )