April Recap

This month, we bought a  lot of plants, conquered a difficult week, had some exciting new, rode a double decker bus and my husband smothered me while singing Chris Young. It was a good month. 

I'm sure this video gave you a small glimpse of just truly how weird Brandon and I are. Do you feel like we've bonded a bit now? Yes? Okay, good. 

Things I did this month|| 

  • went to New York City with Laura, Megan and Macy. It was a blast and you can find all our adventures under the hashtag #GirlsinGreenJackets on Instagram!
  • I had my Teach Week! I taught my 4th grade class full-time for the majority of the week. It was stressful doing all that planning but it went extremely well and only reaffirmed my love of teaching! 
  • I also completed my Math edTPA, which is essentially a portfolio I submit for review and they let me know if I can be a teacher. I get my results THIS WEEK. EEEK. 
  • We tried really hard to get back on the healthy train! Too much eating out, so we did a big grocery shopping with lots of fruits and veggies. I even got new running shoes and Brandon joined a softball team!  We've been playing catch every day lately! 
  • We went to some of our first games at Camden Yards. The O's are doing really well and any night I get to spend at the Yard is a good night in my book. 
  • We got a cactus! This has been a very exciting addition to my life. 
  • We went to Light City! It was so cool to see the city come together. 

Things I liked this month|| 

  • Running-- I've been trying to run and do yoga more, and I've been loving the way that it makes me feel! 
  • Essential Oils -- We've been using essential oils for everything lately, especially when I get headaches. I just dab some Peppermint oil onto my forehead and my headache is gone within a few minutes. LOVE. 
  • YouTube-- I have always been a YouTube fiend. I would rather watch YouTube for an hour than watch TV or a movie. I also go to YouTube for answers far more than I go to Google. I just love everything about it. Lately, my favorite channels have been Postmodern Jukebox, Soul Pancake, and The Edgy Veg
  • Home videos-- Ever since I made the Bolton Hill video and shared it with my family, I've been really encouraged to make more videos. My dad used to make random home videos, when we were just around the house chillin'. I don't know why we stopped, but I definitely want to get in the habit of documenting life more so you'll see the beginnings of that in the above video. 
  • Laptop skins--I definitely needed some refreshment in my workspace lately, and this cactus laptop skin totally did the job. 
  • The Mindy Project and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-- both had new episodes added this month. ALL THE BINGE WATCHING. 

In case you missed it||

How was your month? Tell me below!