6 Reasons Why Sia Is My Girl Crush

I've never used the word "girl crush" in my vocabulary...until I found Sia. This is kind of a silly post, but I thought it would be fun to share who my girl crush is lately. Not many people know who Sia is, but you would if you heard one of her songs on the radio. She's the genius behind her most famous single, "Chandelier" ,  "Titanium" by David Guetta or   "Diamonds" by Rihanna.

Her music has been featured in movies like The Hunger Games, Annie, The Great Gatsby, Pitch Perfect, Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight and more. She's been nominated for 2 Golden Globes and written music for people like David Guetta, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, NeYo, Celine Dion, Flo Rida, Christina Aguilera and more. She's so successful, yet not many people know about her. So here's why I love her... 

She's humble

Sia doesn't want all the attention for herself. Not only by hiding her face does she clearly not want to be famous, but she will often sing with her back to the audience, or off to the side, so dancers can really showcase their talent. After watching Dance Moms, she saw Maddie Ziegler and decided she was so talented that she had to be in her music video. Ever since then, Sia's music has been a platform for Maddie to show off her talent. And Sia doesn't mind. And I love that. 

She's not about appearances. She's about talent.

She clearly does not care about appearances. Hiding her face from the public under a blonde wig, She isn't about flaunting her body or having the latest and greatest outfit. She is just a dorky girl from Australia that wanted to share her talents with the world, without being famous. So she decided to don a wig that covered her face and sing. I love it. 

None of her songs are about sex, drugs or twerking.

I don't know about you, but this is refreshing. While I may like the beat of songs about these things, I quite honestly find them trashy and tasteless. What I love so much about Sia is that none of her songs about that. They're empowering and all about overcoming obstacles. UGH. YES. 

She's been rejected.


She's been through immense challenges.

Sia hasn't always had it easy. She had an abusive childhood and rose to mediocre success in the 90s, both with a band and a solo artist. But things didn't really take off for her. When she was in her twenties, her boyfriend was killed tragically in a car accident. After that, she spiraled into a dark depression where she became an alcoholic and drug addict. One night, she tried to kill herself, but a phone call from a friend at the right time saved her life and convinced her to go through therapy. Most of her songs are reflective of persevering through these challenges. 

She's weird. And I kinda like that.

Clearly, she doesn't care about being weird. Her outfits, the wig, the choreography...it's all quite strange. But honestly, I love how much she doesn't care. It makes me want to be more wild and free, like she is.