5 Ways To Brighten Your Workspace //

This post has been sponsored by Case App. However, all opinions are my own! 

I love getting stuff done. Nothing feels better to me than checking off my to-do list and feeling productive. However, sometimes, I suffer from a lack of motivation and procrastination. So this last week, I spiced up my workspace at home! Here are some tips for brightening your workspace! 

Add fun scents! 

I am a HUGE candle person. I love candles SO much. In fact, our first Christmas dating, Brandon went to Yankee candle and bought me a HUGE box of candles. It was the best. And he totally was the best this week, when I was really stressed out, and he went to Bath and Body Works to get me some new candles. This Eucalyptus Mint candle smells so amazing and clean-- it makes me want to be SO productive! 

Inspire yourself!

Surround yourself with inspiration! My mom gave me these adorable decorative clothespins for Christmas and I fell in love with them, but didn't know what to do with them. Then, one day, I thought to attach a 3M strip to the back of it and hang it on my wall. Now, I use it to hold papers that need to be filed/filled out, or little inspiration cards, like this one my friend, Bianca, sent to me from The Hipster Housewife on Etsy! Bianca knew I had a busy couple of weeks coming up and was so sweet in thinking of me, so she sent me a pack of goodies from The Hipster Housewife! Thanks so much, Bianca! 

Bring in some nature!

I love flowers. They inspire me so much and I love having a little bit of nature nearby! My friend Karli gave me this plant and it has seriously been one of my favorite additions to our apartment. I also have a little succulent that I like to keep nearby! I don't know what it is but nature just keeps me feeling alive and inspired to work! 

Create some art!

Surround yourself with things that make you happy! For me, meaningful art is my deal. Below is my favorite piece of art that I own. Brandon made it for me while we were dating. I had just studied abroad in London, when we were only dating a few months. We were both a little nervous for me to go international for the summer with us only having dating for a short amount of time. But Brandon was amazing and strong, and when I got back, Brandon had made me this amazing piece of string art of England. I was so stunned when he gave it to me and it truly brightens my day when I take a second to look at it! 

Personalize your gadgets!

Most importantly, my favorite way to brighten my workspace is with my custom laptop skin by Caseapp.com. They have so many different pre-made laptop and iPhone skins and cases- I personally love the marble ones! But I decided to create my own, which was so easy to do and so fun! I used some of their graphics to create my own. As you can tell, I went with some succulents since cacti are my new things lately (in case you couldn't tell from the new blog layout and logo!) 

I also ordered a custom iPhone case to go with my laptop skin. I again used some of their graphics that were already loaded and ready to go on their website to make a cute custom case! Keeping with the cactus theme, I put this little buddy on the case and thought it would be cute if he was looking for a cuddle buddy cause irony, right?! I seriously am obsessed with these cases and skins, and having cute gadgets makes me so more excited to do work. Don't believe me? Try it! (: