Things Only an Education Major Can Understand

Today is a beautiful day, my friends. Today is my last day at my student teaching internship for the semester. I student taught 4th grade this semester and if you talked to me at all this semester, you probably know that for the past few months, I've been stressed, frazzled, discouraged, frustrated and on the verge of tears constantly. But guess what?!?!?! IT'S OVER, BBY. So in honor of the semester almost being over, here's 40 things only an Elementary Education major can understand!

  1. Having children's books strewn about your entire car. 
  2. "Stop complaining. You don't have a REAL major. All you do is finger paint all day..." 
  3. Being able to BS anything because you're using Bloom's Taxonomy vocabulary. 
  4. The warm fuzzy feelings of getting notes from your students in your student teaching classroom
  5. The anxiety of having a mentor teacher that doesn't want you in her classroom
  6. Spending an excessive amount of time in the Dollar Store 
  7. Constantly having to censor your mouth around your students 
  8. Having all the Pinterest boards dedicated to future awesome lesson plans and classroom decor
  9. You've already started collecting books for your future classroom
  10. Teacher stores are basically Heaven. 
  11. You've perfected your "I'll wait" teacher face... 
  12. You accidentally talk to your significant other/friends like a child 
  13. You giggle when you hear students call you, "Ms. ______" for the first time 
  14. The absolute beauty of a SNOW DAY 
  15. Constantly being told you won't make any money..
  16. Hiding yourself from social media so your students (and crazy parents) can't find you 
  17. Trying to hide your laughter when a child says something so incredibly inappropriate in class 
  18. Cringing when you see your students in public 
  19. Hand sanitizer. So much hand sanitizer. 
  20. You know so many random facts about things like the life cycle of a fly and the solar system... and none of your friends care about your awesome fun facts 
  21. You pretty much know how all your students are going to be when they are in high school.. 
  22. You have ALL THE BAGS 
  23. You give yourself a ton of "brain breaks" because you're conditioned to need one every 20 minutes...
  24. You wish you could ask certain people in your life to "move their clip". 
  25. You come home one day never wanting to enter a school building ever again, and you come home the next day feeling like Jennifer Garner in Freedom Writers. 
  26. You can pretty much tell when it's a full moon solely based on your student's behavior 
  27. You judge how good the month is going to be by the amount of days we have off of school 
  28. Knowing the importance of scarves and sweaters because little eyes wander..
  29. You have anything from a bag of sand to hula hoops to a model of the solar system in your car. 
  30. The things a child will do a sticker...
  31. Ignoring a student who flipped a desk during your lesson, but secretly wanting to kill them inside 
  32. A line at the copier again... 
  33. YouTube being blocked on the school WiFi
  34. Constantly being surprised at how many 10 years olds have better cell phones and more relationships than you do...
  36. Lunch time. GLORIOUS lunch time. 
  37. The importance of having nice nails for when you point to something on the document camera. 
  39. Not being able to get through the day without at least 2 cups of coffee and a stiff drink when you get home 
  40. You know about all the latest toys- Shopkins, Minecraft, Beyblades...because those are the things you constantly are taking away in class or trying to bribe kids with...