A Bus Tour Of NYC //

A few weeks ago, me and my very dear friends, Laura, Megan and Macy headed to NYC for the day.  When we met up to carpool that morning, we all realized that we were wearing matching green jackets. We knew we needed a hashtag for the day anyways, so we knew the day was going to be dubbed #GirlsinGreenJackets. Here are some of our adventures from the day!

We drove into New Jersey and then took the train into the city. (S/o to Megan for driving us to and fro!) I had never gone into the city this way before, but it was easy, cheap and fun! 

I've always loved NYC. There's something about the energy, the excitement and the beauty of the buildings that draws me in. We had bought a Groupon for a bus tour, which I had never done before, so we had a short walk from the train station to our bus stop.

Taking a double-decker bus tour was one of the best experiences I've had in NYC. It cut down the amount of walking that we had to do, we got to see uptown and downtown, and we learned some awesome facts about NYC that I had never known before. It was one of the most relaxing ways to see the city, and I would definitely recommend this for anyone, but especially people who have never been to NYC before! 

As you can see, we had a really good time. But where's Megan?

Don't worry. I got a super awesome picture of us and three German guys on the back of the bus. In case you didn't know, Megan and I have a super awesome, awkward relationship. It's great. 

I got to see places of NYC I had never seen before, like Harlem, the Apollo Theater, Grant's Tomb, Malcolm X Boulevard, and this beautiful St. John's Cathedral, which I didn't even know existed! It was so incredibly gorgeous! 

Once we got back to Midtown, we decided to stop for lunch at Cielo Ristorante, located in the Mayfair Hotel. This place was a dream. If you know me at all, you know that I have a deep love of rustic wood and Christmas lights...and this place had it all. Plus, wine and  a delicious vegan gluten free meal of PASTA. Time to carb-o-load! 

Next, we walked to Times Square where, well...things got weird. Really weird. And it escalated quickly. And somehow we ended up in a picture with all of these people and other #GirlsinGreenJackets that we randomly met. 


After all of that, we needed some caffeine. So we headed to Starbucks to refresh ourselves and get ready to hop back on the bus! 

It was so awesome to be on a double decker bus in Times Square because we didn't have to deal with crowds and we got a unique bird's eye view of everything. 

Our bus went all the way down to the Financial District. We went past the 9/11 Museum and the Freedom Tower, which is beautiful.

We hopped off the bus in Tribeca, where the Tribeca Film Festival was going on and we got to see the red carpet! We made it to the Highline just in time for Sunset, and my favorite view was this view of the Statue of Liberty from the Highline. 

We decided to head to Chelsea Market for dinner and this place is dreamy, you guys. The market has so many hipstery goodies that will make your hippie hearts beat wildly (I know mine did!) But then, we decided to grab food. Megan and I headed to Beyond Sushi, which was unlike any other place I have ever been in my life. They had all vegan sushi with the most unique ingredients! I got a Spicy Mango roll with black rice, which I didn't know if I was going to enjoy, but I absolutely loved it! 

The whole day was fabulous and it goes without saying that I always have the best time when I'm with these ladies!