20 Things My Mom Taught Me

Guys, in case you didn't know, my mom is awesome. All of my friends who meet her instantly love her and claim her as "Mama Karen". My mom is my best friend and role model and one of my favorite people. So in honor of Mother's Day taking place over the past weekend, I thought I would share 20 things I've learned from my mom.

  1. There is nothing so big that it's worth losing your cool about.
  2. Sometimes, it's okay to have ice cream for breakfast.
  3. Every kid is different. Don't treat them the same.
  4. 3:00 PM is the perfect time for a coffee break.
  5. A bubble bath can solve most problems at the end of a day..
  6. Kill 'em with kindness. NO MATTER WHAT.
  7. Always assume the best about people.
  8. Everybody is God's somebody.
  9. Bleach water is the best way to complete disinfect your bathroom.
  10. Laugh at everything.
  11. French fries count as a vegetable.
  12. Presents are an awesome way to show people you love them-- a little something goes a long way.
  13. If you can get it at the thrift store, why pay full price?
  14. If a man has a good heart and rough hands, he's a keeper.
  15. Don't ever think too highly about yourself.
  16. Everybody plays or nobody plays.
  17. Art is one of the best ways to express yourself.
  18.  Your faith is the only thing you can take with you in this life.
  19. Always invest in a good pair of shoes.
  20. Pray. Always. About everything.