101 in 1001 || MAY UPDATE

Today, I am linking up with Macy and sharing how I am doing with my 101 in 1001 list! Join us!

Hike 10 new places || Since we last checked-in in February, we hiked at Washington Monument State Park as well as Rocks State Park. We also hiked at Belle Isle in Richmond last weekend ! 


Try 5 new foods || In March, I tried dates for the first time, since they are such a huge obsession inthe vegan community. They were alright, they reminded me of big raisins (and I hate raisins). When I was NYC with the Blogger Babes, I tried black rice mango sushi #AMAZING

  • Find 20 recipes I can depend on || I tried Honey Siracha Tofu and it is by far my new favorite dinner meal. SO MUCH YUM.
  • Make gluten-free vegan pierogies || I made these for Easter this year. They weren't too bad! It took a ton of effort to make, but overall, they were pretty good for my first time. I definitely need to improve the dough but the filling was to die for!
  • Try 1o new restaurants in Baltimore || We went to Woodberry Kitchen for Valentine's Day, we had a blate at RA Sushi in March and I finally got around to eating at sweetgreen last week (and I fell IN LOVE)
  • Hike to King and Queen Seat || Not only did we hike here, but we had our first anniversary photo shoot there yesterday!
  • Finally sell the stuff we've been meaning to on eBay || Check!
  • Have a first anniversary photo shoot || We did this yesterday with my friend, Mandi, who is amazing. I can't wait to get our photos!  Also, today is our anniversary! More on that tomorrow!
  • Start a new blog series || I did this with my Must-See Maryland series that I started in an effort to encourage people who live this gorgeous state to get out there and discover what our state has to offer AND to encourage those who don't live here to place Maryland on

P.S. Today is our first wedding anniversary! Hopefully there will be more on that tomorrow! (: