Orioles Park at Camden Yards || Must-See Maryland

Today, I am starting a new series that I am SO excited for! It's called Must See Maryland and it will highlight some of the BEST places to visit around the state. The idea came to me when I realized that I wasn't going to travel this summer. I felt kinda bummed, but then I wondered why I was already ruining my summer with a bad attitude. Because I live in a BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING state that is FULL of amazing things to see or do.

I have 3 goals in creating this new series: 
1. You will feel inspired to LEARN TO LOVE the place you are at! You do not need to travel the world to have fun or meaningful, amazing experiences. Don't believe me? I'm here to prove it. 

2. My Maryland peeps will feel inspired to explore this amazing state we call home. I truly believe Maryland is the greatest state and I'm here to show you why! 

3. If you aren't from Maryland, I hope you will feel inspired to visit us! Make us your destination or a pit stop on your road trip. Either way, I hope you will realize the treasures hidden away in the Old Line State and it'll capture your heart like it has mine. 

So today's first post is in honor of Opening Day! It's only fitting that the first thing I suggest is a MUST SEE in Maryland is Camden Yards. For SO MANY REASONS! 

Appearance // When it comes to Camden Yards, this is the King of beautiful stadiums. It was the first retrofit stadium of it's kind- which means it was the first stadium to get a renovation that was "vintage" looking, if you will. They threw it back old school and this was the inspiration for every other baseball stadium going retrofit. 

One of the highlights of Camden Yards is Eutaw Street. This is a street that runs through the Park. They turned an old manufacturing warehouse into a restaurant and game store. Quite honestly, I wish they would do a little more with this space, but overall, it's a fantastic place to grab a beer or hang out pre-game time. Plus, that view of the Bromo Tower is ALL THE HEART EYES. 

Food & Drink // Can I be honest? Camden Yards is SERIOUSLY behind when it comes to gluten-free food of any kind. There is basically nothing I can enjoy at Camden Yards except a nice hard cider, which, hey, I'm not complaining on that one. Since I can't eat anything there, I asked my own personal foodie that I just so happened to be married to. He told me that when it comes to Camden Yards food, it's very average, as far as stadiums go. However, if you head to Dempsey's, a bar and restaurant located in the warehouse on Eutaw Street, you will find some of the BEST food in any ball park. So, you lose some, you win some. 

Details // Camden Yards is full of the little details and surprises. One of my favorites that is unique to Camden Yards are there little plaques. Every time a player hits a homerun out of the park onto Eutaw Street, it is commemorated with a little baseball plaque. Eutaw Street is sprinkled with these and it's fun to walk around and spot your favorite player's name on the ground. 

I also love how Camden Yard celebrates the evolution of the Orioles logo. All over the park, you can spot the different Orioles logos we've had through the years. This guy is my favorite, because I think he's so dang cute. And I obviously love that World Championship crown he's sporting. See how many different logos you can spot throughout Camden Yards next time you go! 

Atmosphere // Everytime we go to a new stadium, and we tell people we are from Baltimore, every single time, without fail, people tell us how amazing the crowds are at Camden Yards. They say that truly have some of the best fans in baseball. They say how remarkable it is that fans will never boo their own players, heckle the opposing team, and will always rally behind our guys. They have also told us that Baltimore fans have always been SO welcoming to people from other places and that even though people may be cheering for the other team, and there is of course some playful banter, there are never any lasting animosity. And that's why I love being an Orioles fan! 

So here's to Opening Week across the country! What team are YOU rooting for?!