Light City 2016 || Must-See Maryland

The last week of March, Baltimore hosted the first large-scale international light festival in the United States! The idea of the festival was thought up right here in Charm City and was a stage to highlight Baltimore as an international city, with beauty, ideas and innovation to offer the world. There was art, performances, concerts, panels, discussions, food and interactive fun for a whole week straight! 

We got there just in time for this gorgeous sunset! I loved how it seemed like even the sky was participating in Light City by trying to show off! However, the beautiful sunset didn't last for long before the torrential downpours came. I think it was the only night of Light City that the weather wasn't perfect. Go figure. We camped out at the Barnes and Nobles until the rain let up. 

Luckily, my little brothers were troopers and didn't let the rain dampen their spirits. They were good sports about hiding out in the bookstore and we were even able to take some good pics afterwards! We loved these giant light-up shapes everywhere! 


I loved to see that they added eyes to Mr. Trash Wheel. If you aren't familiar, Mr. Trash Wheel sits in our harbor and is powered by sunlight to lift trash and debris out of the harbor. And I must say, he was looking more dapper than usual this particular evening. 

We didn't get to explore much more before it began to rain again, and I had two tired little brothers on my hands, but I loved see the city I love so much lit up with beauty. It was amazing to see so many people come out to support the festival and experience the city. I am so excited for next year's Light City! But for now, enjoy some photos from the evening!