The Perfect 3 Day Ireland Road Trip

This 3 day road trip around southern Ireland will let you experience the beauties of this island without wasting any time!


Start in Dublin at 8:00 AM. Grab a quick breakfast and walk around the city streets, enjoying the street art and quaint architecture. Walk the bridge over the River Liffey and if you have time, check out the Guinness Storehouse for a self-guided tour and quick drink (you're in Ireland, so drinking in the morning is no big deal! It opens at 9:30 AM.). Leave Dublin by 11:00 AM. 

It's time to hop on the road. Head southwest for 2 hours and you'll arrive in Cashel around 1:00 PM. Be sure to check out the Rock of Cashel. It was just restored, so it's nice and fresh for ya! If you are taking longer than a weekend for this roadtrip, stop and take a tour of the castle! If you don't have time to tour it, snap some photos from the roadside- they are just as stunning! Stop in the town right outside of the castle. It's adorable! There's not a ton to see or do here, so be sure to get out and stretch you legs for a half hour. Leave by 1:30. 

Another hour on the road and you'll arrive at Blarney Castle by 2:30 PM. Give yourself a few hours to tour this bad boy. There's tons to see- way more than just the Blarney Stone! There's so much history, and the grounds are yours to tour, so make the most of it. Check out the gift shop for some authentic Irish gifts, but if you can, skip the pricey (and not very good) restaurant. Just a note- there are a ton of steps to get to the Blarney Stone, many of which are in small places, so if you can't walk a ton or are claustrophobic, know this ahead of time!  If you are taking more than a weekend for this road trip, you may want to stay overnight here. There's so much to see and do, you'll get the most out of the experience if you make this your last stop for the day. If not, no worries! Leave by 5:30 PM. 

Finish your day with an 1.5 hour drive to Killarney, arriving around 7:00 PM-- just in time for dinner and going out! If you have any energy left, be sure to enjoy this party town of Ireland! It's full of pubs and celebrations, and will fill you with true Irish spirit! 


Rise and shine! Your head may be pounding from all the Guinness and pub music, but it's time to get up and get going! Leave Killarney by 9:00 AM. Drive 1 hour and arrive in Dingle around 10:00 AM for an early lunch. There's tons of quaint restaurants, but make sure you save some room for Murphy's Ice Cream-- this ice cream has become legendary here! If you have time, you definitely want to catch a Dolphin Tour and look out for Dingle's famous dolphin, Fungi! Leave by 1:30 PM. 

Drive west a half hour and you'll arrive at Coumeenole Beach around 2:00 PM. This is the western most point of Europe so soak in the natural beauty of the beach and the cliffs. Check out the Fahan Beehive Huts, but don't waste your money on a tour, just take some photos from the roadside. It may be too cold to swim on the beach, but pack a picnic and it's a great roadside stop!  Leave by 3:30 PM. 

Now, we're heading north to Ennis and after a 3 hour drive, we'll get there around 6:30 PM. This is a quiet town, so you won't miss too much if you arrive later than expected. However, be sure to head to the pubs to check out some of Ennis' famous Irish music. They stay open late though, so don't worry! 


Today is our last day in Ireland, so let's get a head start. Leave Ennis by 9:00 AM. It's only a 40 minute drive to the Cliffs of Moher so you'll arrive there around 10:00 AM. Take as much time as you want to explore these gorgeous cliffs-- they're one of Ireland's top tourist attractions. If you can, head to the top of O'Brien's Tower to get a good view! 

Leave the Cliffs by noon and you'll arrive in Galway around 1:30 PM, just in time for lunch and to check out some street performers. Take time to really get losts in the these streets- you'll feel like you're in a story book! If the weather's nice, sit and eat lunch outside. Galway is the original place of the Claddagh Ring, so if you want an authentic souvenir, here it is! 

Leave Galway around 4:30 PM and you'll arrive back in Dublin around 7:00 PM, just in time for dinner and heading back to your hotel, or may flying out that night.