Disneyland on our Honeymoon

While we were in LA for our honeymoon, we were blessed to be able to go to Disneyland TWICE. I guess dreams really do come true! 

The first day, we went just to Disneyland. The first thing I did was go to any store or kiosk and ask if  they had any buttons. If you tell them you're here for your honeymoon, you get these pins and they get you some super special treatment, let me tell you! 

Everywhere we went, people kept telling us congratulations and really making us feel super special. It was so nice! When we went to lunch at The Plaza Inn, where Mose was the best waiter ever. He played us "You are My Sunshine" on his harmonica and told the entire restaurant that we were celebrating our happily ever after (which was embarrassing cause I hate people looking at me, but looking back it was actually super sweet!) He then brought me a rose, and another waitress brought us a special cupcake, which I couldn't eat but Brandon enjoyed it! 

We both love Disney so it was a blast being able to end our first vacation together in Disneyland. When we got to It's A Small World, the cast member saw that we were celebrating our honeymoon and gave us our own private "honeymoon cruise". It was so sweet, and really fun to have a unique experience by getting to ride a whole boat to ourselves! 

Our last ride of the night with a ride on the teacups. I don't know why but this was so magical! We were cracking up and trying to spin our teacup as fast as we could. It felt like a moment out of the movies. 

We ended the night with a parade, because is there any other way to end a night at Disney? 

On our last day in LA, we headed to Disney again to hit up California Adventure. We were well rested and ready to enjoy everything it had to offer us. I had been to Disneyland the summer before we got married, but Brandon never had been and it was so much fun to be able to experience it with him! 

First, we went to Paradise Pier. We did Toy Story Mania, California Screamin' and the ferris wheel! Brandon wanted to get in the swinging gondola, so we did. And it was TERRIFYING. I literally hated it! The only reason I was smiling in the picture below is because we weren't swinging at that point! 

Throughout the day, we had to snack-- there's too much good food at Disney! Brandon loved his Mickey Mouse soft pretzel but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dole Whip. I mean, why else would I got to Disney?! Plus.... it's DAIRY FREE! 

We spent a ton of time in Cars Land, which honestly is one of the coolest parts about California Adventure. It really does look like Radiator Springs, straight out of the movie. Growing up, my little brothers loved Cars, and being there made me miss them so much! We also converted some of our money into Disney Dollars...because you gotta.

Without a doubt, Radiator Springs Racers is my favorite ride in California adventure. It is just SO much fun!! We rode it twice! 

Finally, we waited for prime seating for the World of Color show, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Using water, colors and Disney animation, they make all the best parts of your favorite Disney movies come alive on the dancing water, with Paradise Pier as a backdrop. It is absolutely incredible.

 I had seen the show the previous year when I was there, but they completely changed it for Disney's Diamond Anniversary. It was SO COOL. It takes your breath away to watch it. Disney never disappoints.