Exploring Ennis, Ireland

Ennis is a quiet little European town that we stopped in during our Irish road trip. After a full day of exploring Dingle, we stopped in Ennis for a night out on the town and some good rest at our hotel. The entire town feels like you're stepping back in history. Cobble stone streets, beautiful architecture, and tiny cottages...what more could you want? 

The view from the hostel

The view from the hostel

I loved walking around the colorful streets as it started to grow dark outside. It was quiet-- not much traffic or people outside, but plenty of restaurants and pubs to welcome us inside! Ennis is known for its music, and many musicians come to play in its pubs on the weekend! 

While walking around, I noticed this pub called YOLO. This was during the peak of the craze of using the word, "YOLO", before doing something reckless, so I had to snap a picture! We didn't go inside but I thought it was just hilarious that there was a bar called YOLO in such a quiet, quaint little town. 

While in Ennis, we stayed at the Rowan Tree Hostel, which honestly, is one of the nicest hostels I've ever been to. It felt more like a hotel, so if you're ever in Ennis and want a cheap place to stay, check out this place! They didn't tell us until afterwards that the place is supposedly haunted, though! We didn't experience anything freaky, but our friends did, so who's to say? (; 

I loved this wall that had a whole bunch of phrases in Gaelic on it! It made it feel so homey and welcoming. This hostel is where we really got to know some of the other people who were staying at the hostel with us, like my friend, Tom, from Australia. In fact, most of our new friends were from Australia, which was such awesome! 

That night, we headed to Cruises, a traditional Irish bar where there was some live music going on. It was SO awesome to be able to hear live Celtic music in Ireland. If you know me, you know that I love Celtic music (basically anything Celtic, to be honest) and it was a total dream come true to be able to experience this in a real pub in Ireland! 

As it started to get later, they had an awesome live band come in, to play some Top 40 Hits and it turned into a giant dance party. It was super awesome to be able to experience this on our last night in Ireland! Below are some clips from the night! (: 

Below is a photo of our entire group that was traveling together, and it was a blast to get to know each and every one of them.  I'm smack dab in the middle of this picture. It was such a fun time and I loved Ennis!