DIY Adventure Board

When Brandon and I were dating, I made him this Adventure board for Valentine's Day. This adventure board is a board where we can document our travels together. We both did traveling before we were together, but adventuring together is so much fun, we decided to really focus on our adventures together. This board was the perfect way to do so, and he loved this board so much that it still hangs in our home now that we're married. 

This would be the perfect DIY Valentine's Day gift for anyone who loves to travel! Let's get started! 

You will need:

  • Corkboard 
  • Colorful, fun push pins 
  • Sharpie
  • Map of the United States (or whatever country/state you want!) You can totally print one of these off Google Images, depending on how big your corkboard is! I actually bought a paper map of the United States and cut it out because I wanted my map to take up most of the corkboard! Just play around with it, it may take a few tries! 

First things first, you need to find a map that will work for you! You'll need to play around with this because everyone may have different sized cork boards. Mine was just a standard size cork board, but I think it could be cute to make a smaller sized one!

ike, I said, I bought one a paper map from the store-- I think I got mine in the car section from Walmart, where they sell atlases and maps! I cut out the map and traced it in Sharpie onto the cork board.

To trace the individual states, I actually cut out each individual shape and traced it onto the map. I actually enjoyed this part, it was kinda like a puzzle! My map didn't turn out exactly geographically correct, but Brandon didn't mind at all! 

Next, I added cute little details, like the words, "Our Adventures Together". Again, this part didn't turn out perfect but it's the little mistakes that make it personal and cute! (Or at least that's what I tell myself!) 

Next, I lined the top of the cork board with push pins so that he could put a pin in the places where we've been together. He really got into this, making sure that he put the pin exactly where the city that we visited. He also has begun attaching little momentos from our trips to the board. He put our Disneyland tickets from our honeymoon in California, as well as movie ticket stub. 

Since we're trying to visit every baseball stadium, we get a pin from each stadium and place it closest the state we visited. It's been really fun, and we've used this board so much!