Our Honeymoon Road Trip || LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

For our honeymoon, we decided to go on a roadtrip. We sailed from the Emerald City of Seattle to the European streets of Victoria. From there, we headed to the weirdness of Portlandia, only to find more weirdness in the town of Mount Shasta. From there, we stayed in a treehouse in Petaluma and made dreams come true in San Francisco. Finally, we ended up at our final destination-- the City of Angels! 

We stayed in an AWESOME little Airbnb in LA. I would highly recommend Julie and Sean's place. It was described as a "charming 1930s studio guest house"...and it was absolutely charming. Julie and Sean were very hands off and we rarely saw them, which is definitely a plus when this introvert stays with a host- In fact, they were so out of our hair that we had to track them down to ask if we could play with their dogs.  Oh and PALM TREES in the back yard? Yes please. 

While we were there, we went to Disneyland for two days. The first day, we went to Disneyland, the main "Magic Kingdom" section of the park. And we had a BLAST! It was seriously a dream come true for this Disney lovin', princess wannabe to wander around the park with her hubs all day. The following day, we went to California Adventure! Brandon really enjoyed this section more because there's some more wilder rides. Either way, we had a blast and there's a post on that coming soon! 

My incredibly amazing husband was so awesome and took me to Animal Acres, a farm sanctuary outside LA. It rescues abused and neglected animals and spreads the awareness about animal rights. We got to get up close and person with these little sweeties. Below is one of the piggies we got to love on. Look how hilariously zonked out she is! A post on this coming soon! 

The summer before we got married, I went on a road trip across the country with my best friends. We ended up in California for the first time in our lives. While we were there, I was missing Brandon and would text and call him to tell him about how gorgeous the West Coast was. As we wandered around Cali, I took little mental snapshots of places I wanted to take him back to and I made a quiet promise to bring him here one day, knowing that he would love it. So it was SO special to be able to end our honeymoon in California. Our last day our honeymoon was the best, because I was able to take him to all the places I had tucked away to share with him. First up, Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign. 

We drove around Griffith Park and then headed to Santa Monica. We planned it so we would get there at as the sun went down and catch a beautiful West Coast sunset on the beach. It was so romantic and the perfect ending to an amazing honeymoon. Our honeymoon road trip is something I will always treasure. It was our first vacation together and our first time getting hotel rooms, renting a car, and flying together. There is nothing better than soaking in new sights with the person you love.