Our Honeymoon Road Trip || SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA

For our honeymoon, we took a roadtrip from Seattle to Victoria to Portland to Mt. Shasta to Petaluma and next stop is... San Fran! The place we've always wanted to go! 

After waking up in our treehouse and having coffee with our hosts, we hit the road. We stopped at Bovine Bakery for some coffee and a gluten-free strawberry nectarine muffin, which we sat on a bench and ate in the sunshine. It was so delicious that I sent Brandon back inside to buy me another one for the road! 

We had plans to go to Muir Woods because we wanted to at least see the Redwoods while we were on the West Coast. But I was SHOCKED at how crowded it was and how people had to park miles away from the park and walk to the park. We didn't have all the time in the world, so we drove through the trees and it was so pretty! We put it on the list for next time! 

Some family members recommended that we drive through Sausalito, which I'm so glad that we did because it was absolutely the cutest little town! I completely didn't see it coming, though, when we turned onto one road and BAM! There was the Golden Gate Bridge and we were driving over it! There is something so surreal about experiencing something you've only ever seen in the movies. 

We rented a little Airbnb in Outer Sunset, and it was the cutest beach neighborhood. Our Airbnb host was incredibly nice and we settled right in after a long morning of travel. We had plans to see a baseball game the following night, so we went out for some pizza at The Pizza Place down the street.

When we got home, Brandon casually checked the tickets and realized...the tickets were for TONIGHT! We hopped on the Muni and headed for AT&T Park. We had amazing seats and the Giants won! It was quite an experience for my Giants lovin' husband. 

After celebrating a Giants win that night, it was difficult to pull ourselves out of bed. But we decided to go explore the downtown area and used the Muni and Bart, which were both some of the simplest forms of public transportation I've ever used. Multiple people advised us not to drive in SF, which we later regretted. We wound up driving later on in our trip and found it much easier than people made it seem. Maybe it's all of Brandon's experience driving in NYC but we really regretted wasting so much time on public transportation. 

We headed to Fisherman's Wharf. This is probably the most touristy part of SF. We wandered and explored and it was awesome. We wound up in Musee Mecanique-- an antique penny arcade. It was full of old school arcade games you could play and to this day, we still reminisce about how much fun we had in here! Then we walked along the water, looking at the street performers, giant ships and Alcatraz in the distance. We HAD to visit Pier 39, where all those adorable sea lions reside. We watched them FOREVER because I couldn't peel myself away from their adorableness. 

We wandered through the Ferry Building Marketplace, which is the coolest market ever. I'm positive this was Jesus smiling down upon me, but I found a... GLUTEN FREE SOFT PRETZEL. Like what?! That doesn't happen. They don't make those. It was so amazing. 

That night, Brandon ate sushi with me for the first time and we just chilled. It was so relaxing to be able to rest while on this whirlwind of a trip. The next morning, we got up early to head to the Golden Gate Bridge. This part still feels like a dream to me. It was so incredible to learn about the history of the bridge and I couldn't believe how awesome the grounds around the bridge were...so much room for activities! 

We then headed to do the rest of our SF touristy things.. like Alamo Square to see the Painted Ladies! This was one of the highlights of our time in SF because I am a huge lover of parks in cities and Full House. So win win. We had a blast just taking pictures and watching dog walkers. We even drove by the REAL Full House house when we finished. And we found it. And it's 1709 Broderick Street for anyone else wanting to visit. (They completely redid the house, so it barely is recognizable now...lame) 

Below is the picture of the Full House house...completely different, right?! 

We went to The Mission for lunch at Dante's Weird Fish. The Mission is unlike any other neighborhood I've ever been. It was so...odd. Colorful and vibrant, yet kinda smelly and scary at the same time. It was a very interesting walk to our restaurant and I took it all in. It's sometimes hard, when you're in a new city, to know whether you're in a safe neighborhood or not. Being from Baltimore, I'm constantly looking over my shoulder and being aware of my surroundings- just to be safe. Once we got to Dante's though, all my worries vanished as I had the most delicious fish and chips in the world. And I needed to fuel up too. Because we had another Giants game that night! 

Overall, SF was such a gorgeous and fun city and I truly cannot wait to go back!