Our Airbnb Treehouse Experience

When we were in Petaluma, California for our honeymoon, we stayed at an amazing Airbnb for my birthday! 

When I found out that we would be in Petaluma on my birthday, while we were on our honeymoon, I knew I had found the perfect place to stay. We found Bill and Michelle's Airbnb listing for the Treehouse at Swallowtail Studios and I was immediately sold. The pictures were so soft and romantic and I knew this would be such a wonderful experience for our honeymoon. 

Look at this place, though! This gorgeous treehouse was hidden perfectly in this amazing tree. It felt like something out of a sleepy Southern novel I read as a kid. We arrived on the grounds around golden hour. It was magical. They own a gorgeous red barn, where the main bathroom and shower is located. Their grounds are nestled in the hills of Petaluma and it truly was the best little getaway from the world. 

We walked up the wooden staircases, leading to the treehouse, and instantly felt like a little kid. I felt small and full of wonder and nostalgia. The golden sunlight shimmered through the leaves and I was instantly whisked away to a different world. 

The treehouse was complete with a tree swing. I walked backwards, on my tip toes, and propelled myself in the air, as my new husband messed around with our camera. We laughed and I giggled and screamed as I went so high, my stomach flipped. I could see cows munching on the hills as I flew up higher. 

As the sun went down, the wind grew cold and we walked the steps up to our home for the evening. We munched on snacks and drank Californian wine straight out of the bottle. We cuddled and told stories and laughed and wondered when the last time was when we went without any electricity or outlets to charge our phones.

he wind was strong that night and it shook the tree and our treehouse. But we stayed warm and cozy in our little abode. The next morning, we joined Michelle and Bill for coffee before heading out of town. They were such a cute, artsy couple and we enjoyed their hospitality immensely. 

We hid from the world that night in our cozy tree apartment. Looking back at those moments, I will treasure them forever. It was the perfect way to start our marriage and begin another year of life.