5 Books That Will Better Your Relationship

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! Now that it's over and you're coming off that mushy gushy high of chocolates and heart shaped balloons, now is a great time to get down to work. Cause let's be honest, relationships are a lot of work. They can be messy and they can hurt. Even if you are dealing with relationship issues, it's always good to just maintain health. So here are my five favorite books that I can really do some good in anyone's relationships! 

"Keep Your Love On" by Danny Silk

My aunt bought this book for me after being introduced to it, and it is SO empowering. It's all about protecting your connections and communications with people. I love it because it shows you how to move from being a powerless person-- something I didn't know I was-- to a powerful person that takes responsibility and ownership for my actions, and realizes I am not in control of anyone else's. This book is really great for anyone who is interesting in psychology, or is having issues maintaining friendships or relationships. 

"The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman

This book is truly a life changer. You may have heard people saying, "pizza is my love language" or something silly like that...but this book truly talks about the five different love languages-- physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time and gifts. There's a quiz you can take and it's super helpful to figure out how your significant other and your friends best receive and understand love. This book definitely changed the way I communicated and related to both my friends, my family and especially Brandon. 

"Boundaries" by Henry Cloud

This book is really quite amazing and something that is so hard to do. But it teaches you how to maintain healthy relationships by setting boundaries of what you expect and desire in a relationship or friendship. It shows you clearly how to set you and whoever else you are in  relationship with up for success. He has different books for different relationships, like "Boundaries in Dating", "Boundaries in Dating" and "Boundaries with Kids". But the "Boundaries" book is just a generic one that applies to every relationship with you- from marriage to friends to family to coworkers. 

"Mingling of Souls" by Matt Chandler

We went through this series in our Bible Study and it honestly changed the way I saw our marriage. We listened to the messages that went along with this book but it really was incredible. It's based on the book of the Bible, Song of Solomon. He breaks it down chapter by chapter and uses Solomon's relationship as an example of how to date, pursue, have a wedding, have a wedding night, fight, makeup and stay married for years to come. It's such a beautiful representation of marriage and I highly suggest that everyone-especially those dating and getting ready to get married- read this! 

"The 30 Day Marriage Makeover" by Douglas Weiss

Brandon and I picked this book up willy nilly at the library when we went on a library date a week or so ago. We are still in the process of reading this book but I can tell it is already changing the way we do things in our marriage. It's giving up as lot of good habits and routines to get into so that we can stay connected. There's a chapter for each day and they're very short and concise. This is such an easy read that there is no excuse for not taking this 30 day challenge seriously!