A Word for 2017

A growing trend that I love is picking a word for the year. I've been doing this since 2015 and each year, I've seen my words of the year totally play into how my year goes. 

My word for 2015 was BRAVE. 
My word for 2016 was FOCUSED

And my word for 2017? CELEBRATE. 

This year, I came to a simple, startling realization. It was this:
The opposite of anxiety is CELEBRATION. 

How can you be anxious when you are celebrating? When you are finding joy in the good moments of life? 

When I say CELEBRATE, I don't just mean a party hat on my head and a drink in my hand (though, I won't argue with that scenario either!) Celebration might look like choosing to see the good in each day and CELEBRATE the small things, instead of complain about the big things. 

I talked about not being a people person in my post HERE. However, a party isn't much of a party without other people. So, I'm choosing to celebrate others. To welcome them into my life with a transparency that is real. To show up in the moments of their lives that matter. 

To celebrate would mean to choose to point out the good things. To stop and pause and take a time to honor and savor the good things in life. 

Celebrating might mean a gratitude journal. It might mean choosing to be happy instead of complaining. It might mean not taking anything for granted. It might mean choosing to take risks. It might mean not letting any little blessing slip away unnoticed. 

Celebration means JOY. JOY means there is no room for complaining or selfishness or anxiety. 

So this year, I choose to CELEBRATE. No matter what comes my way, I will celebrate this life I've been given, no matter what it looks like. I will choose to celebrate my life, without envying another. 

This is SUCH a huge goal, and I won't be perfect. But I will try my best to see the good in each day, raise my glass to it and laugh as I say, "Cheers!" 

What is your word for 2017?