Goals for 2017

One of my favorite parts about the last week of the year is setting goals. I think it's so important for EVERY ONE to set goals for themselves, even if you aren't into New Year's resolutions. I have a TON of goals for 2017, but I just wanted to share a few of my top one's here with you today. I've split them into Blogging goals, and Personal goals. Let me know what your goals are in the comments! 


  • Focus in on my niche // The word "niche" has brought mixed emotions to the blogging community for some time now. I've never really had a certain niche...this blog has always just been a mix of lifestyle, travel, self-help and personal life updates. There are some changes coming to The Free & Wild Blog in the new year, and I couldn't be more pumped about. These won't be incredibly drastic changes, so if you hate change like me...no worries! But I am excited. However, that's all you're getting for now (; More info coming the first week of January! 
  • Grow my social media // I would like to grow all of my social media platforms and while I have certain numbers in mind, I'm just going to say that I want to grow my platforms authentically by being intentional, maintaining them properly and connecting with others well. This is a great place to plug that if you don't follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin', or Facebook....you should! 
  • Host more giveaways this year // I know it's a big undertaking, but as this platform is growing and changing and I want to give back. This is all apart of the big changes coming to FWB that you'll hear more about in the new year... but it's good! You're not going to want to miss it.
  • Post more recipes // The type of post that is most requested from my readers are recipes. However, I don't do most of the cooking around here, and we eat very simplistic, minimalist meals around here. However, people want to know how and what we eat as vegans pursuing a healthy lifestyle, so my goal is to post more recipes that are good for you, the animals, and the planet. 


While we have a ton of personal goals for the new year, I'm just going to share a few of them here: 

  • Eat a healthy diet consistently // I hate cooking and meal prep. Recipes stress me out. Which means Chick-fil-a and Noodles & Co. are my best friends. But we've been eating out WAY too much, and I know that we both want to be healthy. This past year, I've done extensive research on nutrition and I finally truly understand what foods are healthy and which are not. (I highly suggest reading The Starch Solution, if you're looking for some information on this as well!) I want to cook more. I want to eat fresh, colorful, healthy foods. I want to cut back on caffeine and sugar.
  •  Save money, money, money // We did a great job saving money over the summer, but we lost track of our budget over the second half of the year and wound up spending WAY too much money. So, I want to keep track of our finances and be wise with what we've been given. 
  • Become more socially and environmentally conscious // Fun fact -- as "crunchy" as I may seem, I actually only went vegan for the animals. I don't pursue being "green" in any other way. However, as I've done more and more research on our food (which led me to becoming vegan), I am realizing how incredibly amazing our planet is...and how we are absolutely destroying it. I believe that you don't have to go 100% green in order to make a difference. If we all cared just a little bit, I think that would be a great start. So I'm not starting a compost bin or swearing off all plastic...but I am starting to think about how the effects of my consumerism and how I can be socially and environmentally responsible. 
  • Put people first // Another fun fact-- I am NOT a people person. I consider myself an extroverted introvert. I need time to recharge away from people, I easily am overwhelmed in noisy rooms with people and I cherish my alone time where I get to read, watch TV or just be alone. However, I find that I've become a bit out of balance with my introversion. The events of the year have beaten me down and I've wanted to be alone more than with people. Life is not about yourself. No one gets to the end of their life and wishes they spent more time alone. Life is about people. I want to be someone that is present, someone that puts others first, someone who celebrates the lives of others. This one is going to be really challenging for me. I struggle to put myself out there, make conversation when I don't know what to say and not feel like I'm "wasting time" when I'm out of the house. Luckily, I married the best people person I know and everyday, he inpsires me to care more and more about others than myself. We're tackling this together so watch out, world. We want to love you! 

I want to know what your 2017 goals are. Tell me below!