2015: A Year Review

This year brought lots of change and different places. It brought anxiety and peace, good news and bad news- but don't all the best years have a mix of both? Here's what we did this year! 


  • I went vegan! After being vegetarian for two months, I made the jump and cut out dairy, eggs and all animal products in our home (with the exception of honey and sugar). I saw a huge difference! 
  • We got an apartment! 
  • BRANDON MOVED TO BALTIMORE aka long distance ended!! 
  • We  went on vacation with my family to Massanutten, Virginia! 
  • I took my ASLPI- a huge, scary Sign Language exam at Gallaudet University! (I passed!) 


  • I started tapping into my culinary skills and starting cooking more and making dinner. I hated cooking at first! 
  • We got a TON of snow! 
  • I started my first semester of my teaching program and student taught 2nd grade at my old elementary school! 


  • I was showered with love at my bridal shower! 
  • We (I) started to slowly put together our apartment, bit by bit! 
  • We sent out our wedding invitations. 
  • I started to lose my mind/sanity that I was getting married so soon! 
  • We took our engagement pictures and fell in love with our awesome photographer! 


  • I shot a gun for the first time and checked that off my bucket list! 
  • I had my weekend in Baltimore and D.C. 
  • I found out I'm going to have a nephew! 


  • I moved in with Brandon into our little apartment. 
  • Our good friends got married the weekend after us! (: 



  • I went to a paint & wine night at the Maryland Zoo! It was my first time going to a paint & wine night- so fun! 
  • We went to New Jersey for a family vacation with my family! 
  • I went to the Top of the World in Baltimore- something I have never done before! 
  • My nephew, Henry, was born! 


  • We spent the weekend in NYC for a friend's wedding! 
  • We saw a NY Mets game and checked another baseball stadium off our list! 
  • We went to a TON of Orioles games...and some broke our hearts so bad that Brandon wore a rally cap for the first time. 
  • I started another semester in my program! 


  • We went to the top of the Bromo Seltzer Tower- another thing checked off on my Baltimore bucket list! 
  • I became obsessed with pumpkin cider! 
  • We went on a cruise around Baltimore for Brandon's birthday and it was a BLAST. 
  • Brandon went on a business trip and we spent our first week apart. 
  • I met the Baltimore Blate ladies for the first time-- and now these ladies are some of my best friends. 


  • We went to our last Orioles game...which was a double header...during a hurricane. At least we got a great view of Chris Davis! (; 
  • We celebrated our first Halloween together by working an event at our church as Sadness from Inside Out and Carl from Up 
  • We took bridal portraits around our favorite city! 
  • My friend, Kate, asked me to be her bridesmaid! EEK! 
  • We went to Hershey Park! 
  • I chopped my hair off!


  • We took a spontaneous weekend trip to Hartford, CT  which resulted in a day trip to Boston! I had never been before! 
  • We celebrated 6 months of marriage by eating at a cute little pizza place in Canton! 
  • Macy, Laura, Megan and I ice skated in our PJs downtown! 
  • I tried some new gluten-free vegan recipes for our first Thanksgiving as a married couple! 


  • We started our #HeresToYourDecember Instagram challenge! 
  • I ended my internships this year. It was a tough semester but I made it through! 
  • We did a photoshoot with my friend, Macy, for her event business! 
  • We sent out our first Christmas cards! 
  • I hosted Friendsmas this year. 
  • Brandon lost his job. This has been a really scary time in our lives, but God is faithful.