Dear November

Again, another incredibly quick month. Where is time going? I loved welcoming in the beginning of the holiday season! Eek! 

What I Did // 

I am having some health issues and it sucks. I have been trying to kick junk out of my diet, so I started a 30 Days of Green Smoothies challenge. About 10 days in, I realize my health conditions were getting worse. My anxiety was worse, my skin broke out, stomach pains every time I ate, dry skin, I was fatigued all the time, my digestive system was wildly out of whack-- which was super weird for me, since I haven't had many of these symptoms since going vegan and I thought I was trying to be healthy!

I started getting really sick and I've been feeling like my health was spiraling out of control. After some prompting from my friend, Megan, I decided to keep a food journal. I've realized that I'm very sensitive to bananas-- which make up most of my smoothies! I also realize I'm sensitive to coffee, processed sugar, tomatoes and raw vegetables. After doing a ton of research, I think I have Leaky Gut Syndrome (which sounds disgusting) and is linked to food allergies and autoimmune diseases like Celiac disease.

I currently am still experiencing these symptoms and starting in January, I am hardcore trying to heal my digestive system. I don't want to start anything now and then be more miserable during the holidays because I can't participate in holiday parties with food and drinks. In January, I am going on an elimination diet. I have all my natural supplements and vitamins stocked and ready to go. I am so motivated to cut the junk out of my diet, and replace it with healing, healthy foods. I am so sick of feeling sick and exhausted all the time. It's miserable. Through all this, I am realizing how linked most of our symptoms that we've learned to live with (like anxiety, dry skin, acne, fatigue, headaches, etc.) are linked to our diet. Has anyone else ever had issues like this before? 

I got to see my Blate people (except for Megan and Chris, who were SO missed!) I am so blessed to have found a group of people who make me laugh for 3.5 hours without realizing where the time has gone. Plus, we got to try a new restaurant in Hampden! 

We decorated for Christmas! We were ready for Christmas about a week after Halloween ended. You can read HERE about why we're those people (; 

We had an awesome Thanksgiving! This was our first Thanksgiving together, as Brandon has always had to work. We got to wake up early and watch the parade while eating warm cinnamon rolls and then we got to spend the evening with our favorite people, eating amazing food, playing games, watching football and taking silly pictures. I love my people. 

UGH. We started the Gilmore Girl revival. We watched Winter and Spring and we're finishing up the series tomorrow. We watched the first two episodes with good friends, playing Gilmore Girl bingo, eating pizza and pop tarts in true Gilmore Girl fashion. I can't wait to finish up the series tomorrow... no spoilers PLEASE! 

How was your month? What did you do?