The One Thing You Need To Fight Colds This Season

Winter can suck. Not only does the cold make you want to stay in bed all day, but the air and weather can be so harsh. This is the first year I am using a humidifier, and so far, I am loving what it is doing for my health and my skin! 

The One Thing You Need To Fight Colds This Season // The Free & Wild Blog

What is a humidifier? 

It's a machine that produces water vapor to increase the humidity in the room. Sounds boring, right? Well, there's a ton of amazing benefits for using one of these at night while you sleep, or while you're hanging out around the house! 

Healing a cold or the flu 

Most people use them when they are sick or feel a sore, scratchy throat. I know that I am really sensitive to the humidity in a room and tend to feel worse in the morning when the humidity is low. But a humidifier can open your throat and nasal passages to help you feel better while you're under the weather. 

Preventing illness 

As someone who is a huge lover of natural preventative health options, this is a huge one for me. A humidifier keeps the air moist, which helps the tiny hairs inside of your nose to better filter out bacteria. This is all the reason I need to use a humidifier while working with kiddos all day at school! 

Better looking skin 

Your skin tends to dry out and look dull in the winter, because moisture helps skin look glowy and young! Keeping your room more humid will definitely improve the looks of your skin during those harsh winter months. 

Lower your monthly bills 

Increasing the humidity of your room will make the room feel warmer, reducing the need to turn up the heat as much. Okay...yes. 

Sleep better

Humidity in the room at night helps reduce the amount of snoring that occurs, which means that you wake up less in the middle of the night! 

Healthier plants 

We love house plants. They pull the toxins out of the air, but in the winter, plants can start to die, even inside! Keeping the humidity up can help the plants thrive and keep your air cleaner in your home! 


Reduce electric shock 

I absolutely HATE electric shock. It's the worst and it becomes more of an issue in the winter. If you use a humidifier it will reduce the amount of electric shock that occurs. So go ahead and wear that wool sweater without fear of getting shocked! 

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What's your favorite sick day activity? Let us know in the comments below! 

We received a complimentary humidifier in exchange for an honest review on our blog. Thanks, Honeywell and Influenster!