How To Transition Your Minimalist Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Lately, I'm trying to build a capsule wardrobe and transition to a minimalist lifestyle...which means that I have begun to clean out my closet and fill it with things I truly love. But I'm a broke college student so I recently tried ThredUp for the first time to help me transition my wardrobe from summer to fall. And OH EM GEE can I just tell you how IN LOVE I am with this company? 

ThredUp is a company that believes in doing good and reducing waste-- how more minimalistic can you get!? They will send you a Clean Out Bag, where you can send in all your adorable, but unwanted clothes. ThredUp will buy them from you and responsibly donate the clothes they don't want to make you an offer for. If you aren't looking to sell your clothes, you can shop their amazing online store of adorable secondhand clothes. 

Reasons I Love ThredUp: 

  • The Brands // they have so many amazing brands like Free People, Anthropologie, J.Crew, Gap, and H&M. 
  • The Prices // I saved $82.04 on this order. I got a Silence & Noise dress, Old Navy dress, Xhilaration dress and an H&M Sweater for $45! THAT IS A STEAL! 
  • The Unboxing // My clothes arrived in a super cute polka dot package, wrapped neatly in tissue paper, a cute sticker and these adorable ThredUp tags on all my items! They definitely went above and beyond my expectations! 
  • The Convenience // I love thrifting but it can be a hassle to go through all the racks and try to find what I am looking for. ThredUp does all the work for me and has super easy to use filters so help me find exactly what I am searching for while online shopping. 
  • The Good // ThredUp is upcycling items that would otherwise end up in the dump. Every Clean Out bag that is sent to ThredUp with clothes to be resold 

I got this adorable black Old Navy dress (you know I love my Old Navy!) because it is the perfect item for a minimalist wardrobe. You can wear it in any season and dress it up or down.

When looking for items in your minimalist wardrobe, you want to stick with neutrals and then add pops of color later. 

In summer, I would typically wear this dress with a cropped denim jacket (which was also bought secondhand) and some Birkenstock shoes, since I usually opt for a more casual look. If I was going to dress up, I would wear this dress with a statement necklace and some sandals.

To transition a dress like this to fall, you want to add some fall colors! When I think of fall, I think of dark reds and oranges-- just like the leaves! I love this floral kimono that I added to give my dress that pop of color that I feel represents my personality and personal sense of style. 

You also want to add boots for a fall look! I think most girls love fall for the fact that boot season is back and I couldn't agree more! I prefer booties to tall boots though. The boots I'm wearing are a faux suede heel-less bootie from Old Navy! 

Another great fall look would be to add a scarf! We all know scarves are a must have for fall. They keep you warm and cozy and can really help a minimalist item like this black dress transform into something unique. In my opinion, the bigger and fluffier the scarf, the better. 

I also love to add a denim jacket in fall. It can keep you warm, make an outfit more casual for the daytime and add some different textures to a cotton dress like this. 

I couldn't rave more about my experience with ThredUp. Since receiving my order, I have already requested a Clean Out Kit to sell my clothes, and I've already placed another order for some more fall clothes. I hope I've convinced you by now to try ThredUp but if I haven' are some coupon codes!

If you're a first time customer: 
$30 off $75 or more for first time customers: YHJ75
$50 off $125 or more for first time customers: WQA50

If you're already a ThredUp customer: 
15% off for existing customers (only 150 redemptions are available here!): LNB15

These offers are for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Use them now for your fall wardrobe!