Dear October,

You've been the quickest month ever. You came and there you went. I loved the fall weather, the beginning of autumnal celebrations and how quickly you're moving me to graduation and Christmas! 

What I did// 

We went to Providence and Boston for the weekend. Man, this was probably one of our least favorite trips...simply because of the horrible weather. It was about 50 degrees and POURING the whole time. That didn't exactly make for a fun 6 hours in the car. We decided to go up to see Big Papi's last home of the season and check another MLB Stadium off the list, but we really didn't make it long in the pouring, cold rain so we watched the game from the Bleacher Bar, which was pretty cool too. I also think it's only fair to mention to you that Brandon and I fought THE WHOLE TIME. Understandable, you guys only see the highlight reel on Instagram, but I don't think it's fair to lead you under the assumption that we had this amazing trip or that we never have issues. We bickered and were in really bad moods the whole time...probably because the weather was awful, I was so stressed about having to write lesson plans while we were away, and he was stressed out that we spent all this time and money to go to this game and it basically was miserable. All in all, we can't wait to go back to Fenway the summer! 

We hung out with friends by the bonfire. What screams I LOVE FALL more than that?! 

We went to Hershey Park with my older brother and sister-in-law and my cousins. It was seriously cold and so windy that they actually shut down some of the roller coasters. But it's always so fun to be there during Halloween time! 

In case you were wondering, student teaching is STILL kicking my butt. Right now, I'm student teaching, writing full length lesson plans (which no teacher actually does everyday) and I'm trying to pass my edTPA. I am fully convinced that student teaching is more difficult that actual teaching. I promise to be a good teacher. Can I have a job now, please? 

We watched the World Series! I am seriously so sad that baseball season is over. Since the beginning of the season, I kept telling Brandon that I just had a funny feeling that the Cubs were going to win the World Series this year, since they were so hot ALL season. Their average was over .600 almost all season...I mean, for a team that hasn't won in over 100 years, I'd say that is pretty good sign that they are in it to win it. It was also really cool that we were able to visit Cleveland this summer and fall in love with this underdog city. Even though I thought the Cubs were going to win, I REALLY wanted the Indians to win. I guess they can't have everything this year, but it was really neat to watch the World Series being played at a stadium we JUST went to! UGH BASEBALL >>>>>> 

We didn't do anything for Halloween because life is so busy and we're tired old people lately. I really wanted to go out but I just didn't have time or energy to get a costume together. Quite honestly, staying home in sweats watching Halloween movies sounding WAY better than dressing up to go drink with a billion other people in a way too loud bar. But we did dress up for the kids at school on Halloween. How cute are these M&M costumes!? 

Brandon and I has surprisingly been sticking to a consistent date night schedule and it's been GLORIOUS. This month has been full of unexpected twists and turns and we haven't seen each other a lot lately. It's been nice to end the week with a night out together. Also, you'll notice two things that are new and wonderful about this picture. The man bun is here, ladies and gents. It's here. It's small and still growing but it's here. And thank goodness, because I was SERIOUSLY about to have him chop it off. Second of all, I got Brandon to try Asian food. Chinese/Japanese food is my FAVORITE cuisine. I'm almost always in the mood for it. Brandon just so happens to HATE it and be super picky about it. We tried Sticky Rice for the first time this past week and it has the most amazing gluten-free and vegan menu. He even tried using chop sticks for the first time. Now, granted, he is eating tater tots...but we gotta start somewhere people.  

And that's my kinda late recap on October! What a month! My edTPA is due this month, along with some other pretty crazy things going on, so blogging might have to take the backseat for a while. I hope to stick with my 3x a week schedule but if not, I'm giving myself grace to not put all this pressure on myself to be perfect. I think I've heard every blogger struggle with this at some point or another, right? 

What was the best part about your October?