Eating Out as a Vegan

One of the number one questions I get about eating vegan is how in the world do you eat out on a vegan diet. I have to admit this is the MOST difficult part of eating vegan. It can require a little extra effort before you walk out the door and some waiters can be clueless when it comes to dietary needs. But with these helpful tips, you'll be able to navigate eating out as a vegan perfectly! 

Eating Out as a Vegan


  • Do your research before hand 
  • Piece together sides to make a meal
  • Ethnic restaurants (Mexican, Asian, Indian) are easier to get a hearty vegan meal at than American restaurants 
  • Google the name of the restaurant with the word "vegan" at the end and see what their menu is before dining out 
  • Fries (double check the oil they're fried in) + a salad is always a safe choice 
  • Nachos without sour cream, meat or cheese is also usually a safe option 
  • Use the Happy Cow app to find vegan restaurants near you! 
  • Support small local business when you can! You never know what vegan food is right around the corner
How to Eat Out as a Vegan


  • P.F. Changs -- very accommodating! 
  • Chipotle -- veggie bowls/burritos for the win! 
  • Chick-fil-a -- order a wrap with no chicken or cheese; add black beans, + extra veggies + fries 
  • Wendy's -- baked potato and salad! 
  • The Cheesecake Factory -- lots of vegan options! 
  • Chili's -- veggie fajitas! 
  • Del Taco -- almost anything on the menu can be made vegan! 
  • Denny's -- Potatoes, veggies, English muffins, bagel for breakfast! 
  • Little Cesar's -- no cheese please! 
  • Papa John's  -- no cheese please! 
  • Dominoes -- no cheese please! 
  • Panera Bread -- black bean soup, salads , bagels...plenty options! 
  • Pizza Hut -- no cheese please! 
  • Mellow Mushroom -- the endless vegan possibilities here! 
  • Noodles and Company -- ask for no cream in the sauce or's so delicious! 
  • Olive Garden -- plain marinara sauce without meat! 
  • Red Robin -- ask for the VEGAN veggie burger (they have 2 and one is not vegan) 
  • Qdoba -- rice and beans...YUM! 
  • Potbelly -- load your sandwich up with veggies! 
  • Subway -- veggie delite with no mayo or cheese 
  • Taco Bell -- plenty of vegan options! 
  • California Pizza Kitchen -- no cheese please! 
How to Eat Out as a Vegan


  • McDonald's -- essentially everything has dairy and/or meat in it...and yes, even the fries have milk and beef extract in them. EW. 
  • Burger King -- the fries are vegan but unfortunately, their veggie burger is not. However, this veggie burger is a great option for vegetarians! 
  • Buffalo Wild Wings -- they fry everything in beef lard, their salad dressings almost ALL contain dairy and someone recently was served a fried chicken HEAD. Yes, a chicken head. Be thankful you're vegan. 
  • Outback-- very limited options here; mainly just a limp salad and mostly everything is cooked in beef broth 
  • Applebee's,-- unless you want a limp salad... 
  • Red Lobster-- see above 
How to Eat Out as a Vegan

Where is your favorite place to eat out? Did it make the list?