5 Reasons I Want To Go Back to Savannah, Georgia

Two weeks ago, I got to go to Savannah for the first time and well, it was kind of amazing. 

The Squares

Savannah is comprised of multiple squares, or little parks/gathering areas with trees, flowers, benches, statues and tons of history. Savannah was America's first PLANNED city, and it was specifically planned around these 24 squares. I thought the squares adding something so charming about the city! It made it feel less like a city because there was SO much nature. Coming from Baltimore, I am NOT used to that in a city! 

The first square we went to is the most famous square in the city: Chippewa Square. It's at the center of the historic downtown area and close to everything. But here comes the funnest of facts there is: Forrest Gump's bench scene (which is basically like 80% of the movie) was filmed in THIS square. While the bench that Tom Hanks (who if you know me at all, you know that Tom Hanks is my spirit animal so this was super exciting for me) sits on is a movie prop that is no longer at this location, sitting on pretty much any bench here is reminiscent of Forrest Gump. 

Doing my best Forrest Gump impression!

Doing my best Forrest Gump impression!

The Small Town Feel

Savannah may be a city, but it feels like small town. It's super walkable, but there is something about Savannah that feels like the good ol' days. Maybe it's the old marquees, or the horse drawn carriages down the street but I couldn't get enough of feeling like I was back in time in a little Southern town! 

The Architecture

The architecture here is AMAZING. Usually, I'm not one to really notice anything about architecture but DANG, SAVANNAH, you is gorge. (Real moment: in writing this post, I just realized I've been spelling "architecture" wrong my entire life...whoops...guess there's an "h" in there...) The houses are incredible and you just can't walk by one without stopping to take a picture! 

The Food

There were so many restaurants we wanted to try while we were here, but we wound up eating at District Cafe, which was so busy and so delish. This picture is of my gluten free veggie sandwich, which might not be appetizing to you (I understand...) but it was so delicious and everyone who worked there was SO nice. I can't wait to go back and try more of Savannah's AMAZING food. 

The Details

Savannah is full of magic. Take a look at these iron gates and the ivy crawling over this house. That's Savannah for you. If you walk around the city, you will see different, ornate iron gates that have so many gorgeous details! Savannah is full of little details that you'll miss if you don't slow down and I love that about this place. 

What is a place that you can't wait to go back to?