Our Honeymoon Road Trip || SEATTLE, WASHINGTON

I am so happy to be sharing the first stop of our honeymoon today. It was such an incredible trip and one that I want to remember forever! Our first stop was Seattle and probably the spot that I was least looking forward to, but that all changed when I got there. 

June 16, 2015. 12:30 Pacific Time. The newlyweds have officially landed in Seattle! I love crossing time zones, I think it's so fun and makes me feel really cool! This was our first time flying together so it was really special to be able to experience such a fun "first" together right after our wedding! Brandon likes flying a lot more than I do, which was fun to find out! 

We landed at SeaTac and headed to get our rental car. I was just happy to be on ground and ready to get this party started! We headed to the rental place and as soon as we told them that it was our honeymoon, the incredible nice lady at Hertz upgraded us to a BRAND NEW WHITE 2015 CONVERTIBLE MUSTANG. Just so we're clear, I had booked us the cheapest four door they had...I think I may have been more excited than Brandon was at first...I literally RAN to the garage to pick it up. I was GIDDY! 

We headed to our hotel, the Days Inn Seattle Aurora, which wasn't the best. It was cheap and about 20 minutes from downtown, but it served it's purpose! Our first thoughts about Seattle were, "Is weed legal here?" "Is that person homeless or hipster?" 

We obviously had to check out this whole Space Needle situation, first and foremost. I really regret not going up in it, so that's on the list for next time! 

We headed downtown and started our exploring! We walked around Belltown and tried to get a feel for the city. Belltown had some of the coolest restaurants and bars, and I wish we would have explored more of them. But we decided on Ohana, a Japanese-Polynesian Grill & Karaoke Bar, because why not. It was decorated so fun inside and I could never turn down sushi. We ordered a bottle of Moonstone Raspberry Sake and we got to try sake for the first time. Very tasty! 

We asked our waiter for the best hidden gems of Seattle and he told us about Kerry Park, a little known park with an amazing view of Seattle. So up we went, and boy was it worth it. Check out this view! 

The next day, we were ready to really see as much of Seattle as we could. The weather was GORGEOUS and SO sunny! We decided to explore the famous Pike Place Market, which did NOT disappoint. It definitely reminded me of Lexington Market in Baltimore or Quincy Market in Boston...except bigger! 

We ate breakfast at Coffee & Specialty Bakery, which had the most amazing gluten-free cinnamon rolls. I could have gone back again and again to eat their food. My gluten-loving man even loved them! 

The Gum Wall was so fun! Some people think it's gross and well, it is if you think about it, but we both left our mark on Seattle by leaving some chewed up bubble gum! 

Blowing a bubble on command is tougher than it seems....

Blowing a bubble on command is tougher than it seems....

There are so many nooks and crannies of Pike Place to enjoy, we could have spent hours upon hours there and never have seen it all! So many cute little stores, shops and of course, we had to watch the fish throwers, which when you think about it... is also kinda disgusting. It was neat to see, but my vegetarian heart can only take so much of the whole "Let's throw dead carcasses in the air" thing. 

Post Alley was this long alley filled with restaurants and shops. Strung white lights, outdoor seating, and tons of street entertainment. Yes please. 

Behind the market was a cute little park. It had tons of seating and a beautiful overlook of the ocean. And yes, there is a ferris wheel on one of the piers behind Pike Place. We didn't have time to ride it but next time, for sure. 

We walked by the original Starbucks. We didn't go in but we looked inside and honestly, it really didn't seem that special. There was a huge line outside the building and it just looked like a normal Starbucks. I'm not a huge Starbucks fan so it didn't really matter to me if we saw it or not. 

However, there was an AMAZING jazz band outside that I could have stood there and listened to them play for hours. I even looked up the old songs they were playing so we could listen to them in the car. 

On the way home, we went for a jog at Green Lake Park. There was a sweet park right by our hotel that was PERFECT for running in the beautiful Seattle weather. There was a place to swim, running, bike, skate, tan and pretty much have an awesome time outside. We ran on the running path around the lake and it was perfect. 

We had to see what all the fuss was about so we drove under the Fremont Bridge to find the Fremont troll. Ummm, it was super freaky. Everyone is all like, "Go see the Fremont Troll, you have to, you're in Seattle, for goodness sake!" but they're never like, "It's the creepiest thing you'll ever see, be prepared for nightmares."

Pre-honeymoon, I was never a baseball fan. I would go to baseball games at home in Baltimore, but it was more of a social thing. But I'm going to be honest, Safeco Field is where my love of baseball started. Brandon was SO excited to finally be on the West Coast where he could see the SF Giants play, so we hit up Safeco Field and caught a game between the Mariners and the Giants. I was really surprised how many Giants fans there were for a Mariners game. 

On the way home, we drove with the top down throughout the city all the way back to Kerry Park to catch the view of the city at night. We had to drive up some super rad hills and through a beautiful (and extremely expensive) neighborhood to get here. But the view is incredible. I'm not sure our Seattle experience would have been the same without this little park. 

It was so beautiful we hiked out butts back up after the baseball game to take some night shots. The perks of marrying a former photography? He's willing to go to the greatest lengths with me to get a good shot. 

To give you a good taste of our time in Seattle (and a sneak peak of Canada) here's a video from our time there!