10 Best Cruelty-Free Products

I'm fully aware I'm a crazy animal lady. Unashamed, loud and proud.

I am NOT however a crazy PETA person throwing paint on fur coats. (Though I do support much of what PETA does, I do not support all of their methods). I think people get really freaked out when your throw around words like, "PETA", "animal rights", 'cruelty-free", "vegan", "factory farms". 

I'm not sure why people get so freaked out. But I think it's because people don't want to know what they don't want to know. I'm not sure why people who care about animal rights are often seen as unrelatable or freaks, because we aren't.

We're people who care. Which should be relatable to everyone, cause everyone cares about something. 

In my opinion, I think everyone should care about animal rights. I'm not saying everyone should go protest at SeaWorld, but I do think everyone should care about the ethics of the companies they purchase from. I think it's a good practice for everyone to think about where what they are consuming came from. Why cause unnecessary pain for living creatures when there are cruelty-free brands readily available for purchase- and for cheap?! Alright, end disclaimer. 

Going cruelty-free is the cool thing to do so here are my favorite beauty/household related cruelty-free brands! Check out the end of the post for a giveaway for a Kate Spade pencil pouch and a Target giftcard. Target sells TONS of cruelty-free prodcuts, btw. (; 

1. e.l.f

I can't get enough of e.l.f. It super cheap. I find it to be great quality and they have SO many different products. All of their products are under $5. SAY WHAT? Yeah, e.l.f. makes up most of my make-up stash. There's nothing in their collection that I don't love (except some of their cheaper brushes and their tinted moisturizer) They are so against animal testing that they created special edition tweezers to help participate in PETA's No Fur campaign against skinning animals for fur clothing and other products. How cool?! All of their products are also totally vegan. Yes please. 

2. Physician's Formula

This is a great, high-quality drugstore brand of makeup. It's all organic and is really great for your skin. I love their bronzers and BB creams. Highly suggest. 

3. Tom's of Maine toothpaste

Tom's toothpaste is the bomb. It's all natural, and my family has been using it since I was a little kid. You can still get the minty flavor, and it tastes a little different, but it tastes less sugary and more minty. All their packaging is recycled and good for the environment, and guess what? They don't test on animals because they know it is not cool. 

4. OGX

This is the BEST hair product company. SO in love. I use their shampoos and conditioners, as well as their hair oils. I have their coconut oil and argan oil spray and they are the bomb. OGX is super against animal testing, and will only use ingredients in their products if their suppliers can prove they were not tested on animals. Go you, OGX! 

5. Wet n' Wild

Okay, people. We need to talk. Even before I went cruelty free, I was in love with this brand. It's probably the cheapest makeup they offer at any drugstore, but man, oh man, it's a gem. Before I went vegan, I struggled with really severe skin discoloration and acne, and this makeup brand worked better to cover my skin than MAC. No lie. I was shocked. I still swear by their concealer. It's amazing. But I also adore their mascara. It's the best alternative to CoverGirl (which DOES test HEAVILY on animals) mascara that I've found. 

6. Bath and Body Works

Who doesn't adore Bath & Body Works? I mean, everyone loves their scents, their sales and their store. You know you do. I LOVE B&BW. Their fall scents are the reason I wake up in the morning in the fall. So imagine my delight when I found out they don't test any of their products on animals. Now you can enjoy your favorite body washes and lotions without feeling guilty. Also Twilight Woods is the BEST scent for fall. I can't help but wear it year round... 

7. Method

This is a Target brand that is super conscious about their ingredients. It was originally created to create a line of cleaners that didn't have toxic chemicals in them, that so many of our household cleaners have. Their cleaners and soaps are very gentle and natural, but get the job done.

8. Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell is super fab. They have NEVER EVER tested on animals. In fact, Paul Mitchell was one of the first companies to go cruelty-free because THE Paul Mitchell is an animal lover. They were also one of the first companies EVER to stop selling their products in China, which requires all of the companies that are sold in their country to animal test (pointless and stupid, right?) Well, Paul Mitchell was all like "no you don't, we outta here", dropped the mic and walked away. And all the animals everywhere were like "Yo, we love you Paul Mitchell. Plus, you make human's hairs look GOOOOOD." Basically this company is luxurious and amazing. 

9. Hard Candy

This is a not-so-well-known makeup brand that is sold almost exclusively at WalMart. It is SUPER fun. The packaging is super cute, and you really feel like you're using a high-end makeup brand when you are using Hard Candy. Their makeup line is SUPER diverse and offers so much. And they have SO MUCH GLITTER. It's amazing. They also offer a concealer that works WONDERS. LOVE IT. 

10. Soapbox

This company was one I had never heard of until I started doing some research on cruelty-free brands. Basically, they are a soap company and not only do they not test on animals, but for every bottle purchased, they donate fresh water, soap or vitamin supplements to a child in need. And then you can track the code on the back of your bottle online to see what your bottle of soap went to help! It's basically the best of both worlds. Helping people, animals and getting fresh and clean! 

P.S. I know people really get freaked out when they accidentally see videos from factory farms or animal labs, which is understandable. It's disturbing and disgusting. But shouldn't us not wanting to see what ACTUALLY happens in those people, where things we consume come from, concern us? Shouldn't not wanting to know the truth concern us, make us question our character. I'll leave a link here to a video about animal testing that you can watch on PETA's website, if you so choose. I'm not going to force details or videos down anyone's throat, but I do think it's something everyone should think about.