A Bachelorette Weekend in DC + Baltimore


I am freaking out. I am stressed. I AM SO EXCITED. This life is so crazy and messy and wonderful and anxiety-inducing and I am trying to soak up every freaking minute of it, because before I know it- everything will have come and gone and it will be over. 

So this weekend, I took a break from working and homework and stressing and I went out with my girls and partied. And it was a BLAST, let me tell you. 

Saturday started off the weekend with me and my two (of legal age- my sister is a Jr. Bridesmaid but she's still 17) bridesmaids headed to DC for an Odyssey  Brunch Cruise. We boarded at 10:45 AM and set sail at 11:30. It was super fancy and FABULOUS.

We cruised around and were able to see Washington Momument, Jefferson Monument and some of the Smithsonian museums. But the coolest part was when we cruised by the Nationals Stadium, which is BY FAR, one of the coolest stadiums I've ever been to! 


The food was so good (even for a glutard and vegan). There was a live band, dance floor and the friendliest staff ever. Oh and did I mention BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS!? YES. YES. YES. 

We've all grown up living 45 minutes from DC and have been there a MILLION times. But this was a completely new way to see the city and it was awesome. So unique. If you're ever looking for something fun to do, I highly reccommend you check out a brunch or dinner cruise. THE BEST. (Oh and we got free cake cause I'm getting married. You're welcome, best friends...since I'm gluten-free...you're welcome) 


When we docked, we headed to Georgetown because it's cool and trendy and there's a lot going on. We walked around the cute little streets and took some fun photos. The weather was great- a bit chilly, but no rain- so it was great to explore this little town. 

Then on Sunday, we went to Boordy Vineyards in Baltimore for their "Reds, Whites & Bluegrass" festival. It was a day filled with music, wine tasting, snack, and plenty of people I love. It was so wonderful to feel so loved and celebrated. 

The weather was windy at first, but then it finally warmed up to the point where I actually think I got a sunburn. It was so good to catch up with friends, both old and new. I couldn't have thought of a better way to celebrate all the wonderfulness that my single life has given me. In some ways, it's truly hard to believe that I'm not SINGLE anymore. I wasn't looking for a relationship when Brandon waltzed into my life, and being long distance, our realtionship has truly flown by.

Being single taught me to never accept less than I deserve. To stay up late and eat junk food and dance with girl friends. To spend some time listening to sad music at night on long drives. To make time for myself and get away for a little bit. To appreciate the diversity of relationships I have in my life. To recognize that getting married is NOT the only important thing in life. To be myself in every situation. And while I have learned FAR more in a few years of a realtionship than I ever did being single, I am SO thankful to have been blessed with these single years that I'm saying goodbye to. Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate!