A Word for 2016

 You may have seen a lot of people picking a word for the year. This isn't a hugely new idea but One Word 365 has greatly changed the way people tackle their New Year's Resolutions. 

Last year, my word was BRAVE. This year my word is...


Focused on what is important. Not distracted. Unwavering. 

I want to fix my eyes on the good stuff. The stuff that might not be easy, but ultimately makes a life worthwhile. The stuff that may be painful to go through but makes you the person you want to be. 

So here are some things I'll be doing this month. I'll be keeping a gratitude journal daily, watching my mouth when I want to complain, sharing what I'm grateful for, showing others my appreciation and trying to fix my eyes on what's above--through gratitude. I would love if you joined me in any way! 

No matter what your goals for 2016 are, though, I invite you to join me, MacyMegan and Laura in tracking this brand spankin' new year by using the hashtag #HeresToYou2016. Our December Instagram challenge was such a hit that we're going to use this hashtag to stay connected and see how everyone is doing in this new year! Join us, won't ya? Follow me on Instagram at @anniedemm to keep up with all the happenings of 2016!