Superlatives of 2015

Best Moment

The best moment was probably during our wedding reception. It started to absolutely pour. Not just rain, but it was straight up hurricane. We're talking sideway rain on our outdoor reception under a pavilion with no sides. People were getting soaked. Our paper decorations were slowly disappearing to nothing but sad mush.

I  know I'm supposed to be happy no matter what cause we're married and blah blah blah, but it was my wedding day and it was nothing like I had imagined after pouring so much time, energy, emotion and money into it for 9 months. I was kinda heart broken.

But then, I looked around. And I saw people- family, friends, young, old, everyone we had invited- got up, soaking wet and began to move tables closer to the center and move decorations so it wouldn't get wet. That moment is permanently seared into my memory because I have almost never felt more loved than in that moment. The people that came to our wedding didn't come as guests, expected to be catered to and entertained, but friends and family who genuinely loved us enough to serve us on our wedding day. So blessed. 

Best Movie

Inside Out was pretty amazing. But then again, so was Jurassic World. We saw Jurassic World twice- once on our honeymoon. But I haven't seen Star Wars yet, so I feel like I can't really say what the best movie of 2015 was yet! 

Most Embarrassing Moment

One morning, I was wearing University of Delaware sweatpants to work that say, "Blue Hens" down the side of the leg. I had gotten dressed in the dark and wore my pants backwards It wasn't until I got home and looked down to see the "Blue Hens" writing was missing and it looked like I was just wearing plain black sweats. Oops. 

Definitely doesn't top Brandon going into the women's restroom at Buffalo Wild Wings though... 

Hardest I Laughed

When my bridesmaids got up at my wedding reception and sang a rendition of Bruno Mar's "Marry You" they had rewritten to personalize for us. I'll just leave the video here for you. 

However, I also really, REALLY loved DJ Khaled getting lost at sea. The key is to succeed. 

Favorite Song

So both Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber came out with new music this year. It was kinda a big deal. Tenerife Sea is probably my favorite song of 2015 though. SO SWEET. But Love Yourself by Justin Bieber is good too (; 

Best Conversation

Brandon and I have had some amazing conversations this year. It's so funny how you can date someone and then get engaged to them and still think that you know everything there is to know about them. But when you get married, everything changes and you begin to learn things you didn't know you didn't know! Learning to communicate with each other in a way that makes sense to the other has been the biggest challenge and reward of 2015 and has resulted in super awesome conversations between us! 

Best Piece of Advice

This year, the best piece of advice I received was that marriage is a covenant, not a contract. We are going through a marriage series by Matt Chandler and there was a whole session on how marriage isn't a contract. It can't be broken.

Marriage is a covenant and it doesn't matter how many times the other person breaks their vows to love and to cherish, it just can't be broken. There's no reason to leave a marriage (with the exception of abuse), which is a crazy idea in our society of divorce. You just work on it until it's fixed, no matter how hard or frustrating it is. This advice changed the way I see marriage. 

Day You'd Like to Live Over

ur wedding. Hands down. I just wish I could go back and slow myself down and remember every single little detail. It felt like a dream and I wish I could have remembered everything! 

Favorite Place Visited

I absolutely adored Victoria, British Columbia. It just felt so safe and peaceful and reminded me of Europe! 

Best Book Read

Messy Grace was a phenomenal book. We don't talk about these issues because it's not polite to talk about religion or politics and this book covers both. As a Christian, I see so many people that I share a faith with be so prejudiced against people who are homosexual. I have gay friends and family members, so I've always had a hard time with this issue. This book was written by a guy who was raised in the gay community and later became a pastor. Very interesting and changed the way I see it all! 

Most Memorable Trip

Our honeymoon road trip, by far, was the most memorable trip I think I've ever gone it. It was so magical and everything I had ever dreamed about being married. I can't wait to post more about our time but for now you can read about our stop in Seattle and Victoria

Newsworthy Event With The Most Impact

There were so many things that happened this year that shook our world. However, the one that hit closest to home were the Freddie Gray riots here in Baltimore in April. My heart broke as I watched my city burn. The trials are happening now and I am thankful that this situation has brought attention to the impoverished areas of our city that need attention and care. 

Favorite Holiday Memory

This year for my birthday, we spent the night in a treehouse in California. That was pretty exciting. But my favorite memory was probably Brandon's birthday. He was at work all day and I had a night class that I couldn't skip so I wouldn't really see him much that day.

So I created a scavenger hunt for him throughout the day, leaving notes in the mail box, his car, his lunchbox, and even texting him clues which lead him back home to some of his favorite beer, a movie he had really wanted to rent from Redbox and a giftcard to his favorite restaurant for take-out (; Later that week, I surprised him with a cruise around the Baltimore harbor! It was so fun to put it together and make his first married birthday so special! 

Best Risk You Took

The best risk I took this year was getting married. I know I sound like a broken record, but I can't express how terrified I was to get married. I knew I wanted to be with Brandon, but I just hate change and I knew my life was going to change in such a huge way once we got married. It's kinda scary before you get married because you have no idea what it's going to be like, but you just have to jump and take a chance. Turns out that it's difficult but it's not so bad (; 

Also...cutting my hair. No regrets! 

Most Overrated Celebrity Story

Pretty much everything involving a Kardashian. Kourtney and Scott breaking up, Khloe rushing to Lamar's side in the hospital, Saint West, Kanye wanting to be president, Kim's disturbing photoshoot, Caitlyn Jenner winning the ESPN award, I am Caitlyn (which was just terrible)'s all too much. 

Biggest Celebrity Surprise

Justin Bieber coming out of nowhere with some awesome new music. I've always loved Justin Bieber but out of nowhere, here he comes!