5 Things To Do in Hartford, CT

We left the dishes in the sink, the bedroom a mess, laundry in the hamper. We got in the car and we drove. Because sometimes life gets messy and you just need a spontaneous weekened away. So we drove to Hartford. Here's what we did:

1. Get a local brew at City Steam

City Steam is actually super awesome. They have a ton of different views, and it is SO hip. You can sit on couches, and they have three different stories. It used to be an old department store, so it has a very vintage, unique feel to it. The people that worked there were super nice! Brandon loved being able to try all the different brews. It's definitely a must-do in Hartford.

2. Tour the Mark Twain House

So, fun fact- Mark Twain bought a house here and lived with his wife and kids. It's actually super legit and a gorgeous mansion. We didn't have time to take a tour, but if you wanted to, it's $19, and I heard it's worth every penny. We peaked inside and took a walk around the grounds, and it was so relaxing and beautiful.

3. Hike Talcott Mountain

This was my favorite thing we did in Hartford. There are so many gorgeous hiking trails nearby, that you would be remiss to miss out on them. You seriously need to hike if you're going to CT, especially in the fall. We decided to hike Talcott Mountain to Heublin Tower, which is a super cool old house + tower on the top of the hill.

4. Stroll Bushnell Park

This place is great for a stroll after brunch. The architecture is amazing. There is art, like these shaking hands, which are made out of guns. Yeah, when you get up close, the entire thing is constructed out of guns, which really was very cool. The arch below is a memorial to soldiers and sailors, and it was just stunning in real person! And can you believe that Capitol building? All the heart eyes!

5. Take a day trip

This isn't meant to be a jab at Hartford, but we really didn't research at all before we went. If you're looking for a very small town feel, and the ability to stroll, then this place is for you. We're more active and love exploring so we decided to take a day trip to Boston! You can check out what we did HERE!