8 Things to Do in Boston, MA

We went to Boston in the beginning of November for the first time and it was absolutely INCREDIBLE! I had never seen such a beautiful city before. Here's are 8 things you MUST DO in Boston!


Walk the Freedom Trail

Okay, I think this is the coolest thing and the BEST way to see Boston, while soaking in some of our nation's history. There's a red brick line throughout the whole city, and as you walk along the line, there's different places to stop and see that are super historic and awesome. I had NO idea that this place was so rich with our nation's history! We didn't even get to walk the whole thing, but I wish we could have! We stopped by Fanuiel Hall. It was so cool that it's SO historic and is STILL used today for politics!

Oh, you know, just the husband soaking up some history in the Old South Meeting House! Did you know that Phyllis Wheatley attended church there? I love they allow you to touch and walk in and out of almost all the sites on the Freedom Trail! We were able to sit in these super historic pews to rest our feet and take a breath. I couldn't help but wonder who rented this pew for church back in the 1700's.

The King's Chapel is SUPER old. It was founded in 1686...it blows my mind that things built so long ago are even still standing today. It feels very European, and that's because it used to be a First Church of England chapel, but after we got our independence, it became the first Unitarian church in the U.S. If you walk around to the back, there's a super old cemetery and the head stones are actually really beautiful. It was so lovely with all the colors of the leaves changing and falling.

Visit Quincy Market

 This place is super cute and a great place to grab lunch when you get into town. I was able to get sushi and Bran was able to grab some pizza. We were able to sit and relax and people-watch. There were tons of little shops and stands to walk in and out of, and it's where the Cheers bar is!

Drink a Sam Adams

So, I couldn't actually do this one. But Brandon checked it off for me! We stopped into the Beantown Pub, because it seemed Boston-y and was the first bar we saw. We popped in, our bartender had a Boston accent and we just chilled. It was awesome. If you're there and gluten-free, try the Samuel Smith Organic Hard Cider. It's one of my favorites!

Check out Brattle Books

Brattle is a hidden gem in Boston. It's an outdoor book store and it's so freakin' cool. They close pretty early-obviously, so make sure you visit early.

Eat some food

Boston has some fantastic restaurants. And walking around a city all day can really work up your appetite. . Since my diet restrictions, I do some serious research before going to a city on where the best food is. We ate at The Back Deck. It was super cool inside, and I heard that the food was great!

People (and dog) watch at Boston Common

The Boston Common is the last stop on one end of the Freedom Trail. It's basically like a cool park. In the winter, they have ice skating and there's a place called "The Frog Pond" for kids. There's also this cool picture frame to take some sweet Instagram pics with (;

Stroll around Boston Public Garden

This place is right across from the Common and I loved it even more! It has a cute little bridge, beautiful willows and we saw like 4 weddings happening. It was awesome. It's a great place to just chill and it's super romantic.

What would you add to my list?!