100 Reasons To Go Vegan

A lot of people ask me why I eat vegan, if I'm already gluten-free. They seem confused as to why I would restrict more of my diet, when I already can't eat so many things. So I thought it would be a good idea to list 100 reasons why I really, truly, enjoy eating plant-based! Even one meatless meal is better than nothing!(: 

  1. I've lost weight. 
  2. My acne cleared up. I seriously wish I had a before picture to show you guys. I had moderate acne in high school and pretty severe acne my first years of college. Now, I get compliments ALL THE TIME about how clear my skin is. People that knew me even just a year or two ago ask what skin care line I use because of the amazing difference. 
  3. It's cheaper. Seriously, we spend about $50 or less a week for two people. 
  4. There's an amazing, welcoming community. 
  5. It feels good to care about others. 
  6. I'm more compassionate in general . 
  7. My mind is clearer. 
  8. Calorie counting isn't a thing in vegan life. And that's beautiful, even if you weren't counting calories before. 
  9. Vegetables are innately healthier than meat. 
  10. I'm more open-minded to other people.
  11. I cook more creatively and have realized I actually enjoy cooking!
  12. You don't have to touch raw meat. 
  13. You can pretty much still eat everything you used to. 
  14. It saves the forest. 
  15. I don't feel like a hypocrite. 
  16. It is scientifically proven that you don't need dairy in your diet. At all. 
  17. It helps cure world hunger. 
  18. I don't want my body to be a tomb for other creatures. 
  19. Eating other living things is kinda weird when you stop and think about it. 
  20. It feels good to know that NOTHING was hurt for your meal. 
  21. Most animals we eat live knee deep in their own feces. Which we in turn consume. So...I'm not eating poop anymore. 
  22. Modern farming methods use hormones that we consume when we eat. 
  23. You don't have to work for PETA, throw paint on fur coats or condemn your meat-eating friends if you're vegan.
  24. It's easier than it's ever been in our history to eat vegan. 
  25. The USDA has sneaky rules about "organic" and "free-range". Legally, they only need ACCESS to an opening, which usually is a small window at one end of the warehouse that opens up to a small patch of earth. Most free-range chickens haven't seen any more of the outside than a non-free range chicken. 
  26. I don't like being lied to by the USDA. 
  27. Animals are really cute. 
  28. Animals are really intelligent. 
  29. Animals are really gentle and sweet. 
  30. Vegan diets have been known to cure cancer and other life-threatening diseases. 
  31. There are SO many other sources of protein. 
  32. Others don't have the right to harm me. Why do I have the right to harm others? 
  33. Most people can't finish watching a documentary where their food comes from. Shouldn't that tell you that we shouldn't be okay with it? 
  34. It's better for the atmosphere. 
  35. I'm a more educated consumer. 
  36. My PMS symptoms have lightened up considerably. 
  37. My eczema cleared up. 
  38. I sleep better.
  39. I have more energy. 
  40. My mental health is better. 
  41. I'm happier while I'm eating! 
  42. Veganism doesn't mean being forced into a box, like you may think it does. 
  43. It could help fix the California drought issue. 
  44. I don't want to pick and choose which animal's lives I value. Why is my dog more valuable than a chicken? 
  45. It's a great conversation starter. 
  46. You can eat vegan pretty much anywhere. 
  47. You can ease into it. 
  48. I've tried more new foods than ever before in my life...and I had no idea I was missing out on so much. 
  49. I've discovered awesome cruelty-free products that are cheaper  and better quality than non-cruelty-free products. 
  50. Veganism goes hand-in-hand with minimalism. 
  51. It's been a deeply spiritual experience for me and brought me closer to God. 
  52. It's easy. 
  53. It's the best way to take a stand against animal cruelty. 
  54. The amount of grain needed to feed factory farm animals contributes to deforestation and therefore, species extinction. A vegan diet only requires one-third of the land needed to produce an animal-based diet. 
  55. Who thought, "Yeah. Let's kill that living thing and then eat it's flesh. That will be fun!" It's weird to me. 
  56. Chickens are bred to grow so large that their feet break under them when they try to walk. 
  57. A vegan diet reduces body odor, so I is smellin' good, y'all. 
  58. I don't like the thought of my dinner screaming in pain. 
  59. Visiting a sanctuary for factory farmed animals was one of the happiness moments of my life. Read my post on that HERE!
  60. It feels good to stand up for what's right. 
  61. It makes me want to stand up for others who don't have a voice and has encouraged me to get much more involved in activism. 
  62. More than a billion of our world's people are starving and don't have enough food. According to the Worldwatch Institute, the only way to produce enough food is to "to cut back sharply on meat consumption, because conversion of grazing land to food crops will increase amount of food produced." 
  63. Animals raised have to eat 10 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of flesh. Seems a bit excessive, doesn't it? 
  64. Baby male chicks born into the egg industry are not useful because they can't produce eggs. Egg industry chickens aren't the same types of chickens that are used in the poultry industry so baby male chicks are thrown into a metal grinder where they are destroyed. I don't want to be apart of that kind of cruelty. I want to fight it. 
  65. The farmed-animal industry exploits immigrants and those living in poverty by making them work for incredibly low wages, and meat packing is the most dangerous job in the country, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  66. Even eating vegan part-time can benefit your health. 
  67. Oreo's are vegan, people. If I wasn't gluten-free, THIS WOULD BE ALL THE CONVINCING I NEEDED. 
  68. It's an awesome way to discipline yourself. 
  69. It makes you really think about where your food, and the rest of the things in your life, are coming from. 
  70. Kristen Bell, Ellen and Natalie Portman  are vegans. So you could say all the cool kids are doing it. Check out who else is not eating animals HERE!
  71. It's actually super fun to hear all the weird things people ask about being vegan. "What's vey-gun?" "What DO you eat?" "But where do you get your protein?" 
  72. Pinterest has some AMAZING vegan recipes. 
  73. So does Youtube. Hot for Food is amazing. 
  74. Smoothie Bowls. YES. 
  75.  A lot of stuff you already eat is probably vegan.
  76. You can still have sushi. And coffee. YES PLEASE. 
  77. Vegans have been known to live longer. 
  78. You'll probably spend more time at farmer's markets. Which is awesome. 
  79. It feels good to take control of an important area of your life. 
  80. You can inspire others to eat healthier. 
  81. Not your mama, not your milk. 
  82. It's an enlightening, humbling way of life. 
  83. It makes you want to know more about the government and what they may or may not be telling you. 
  84. Reading labels takes like 30 seconds and we live in a modernized, spoiled world where a vegan option is right around the corner. 
  85. People are starving all over the world so yes, you can live without bacon and ice cream.
  86. It gives you confidence. 
  87. It's fun to immerse yourself in a new way of thinking, and of life. 
  88. I said I opposed violence yet I still ate animals. Now, I can fully mean what I say. 
  89. It makes you a more empathetic person. 
  90. I don't want my money to go towards another living creature's suffering. 
  91. Less risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, arthritis, MS. 
  92. Studies show you don't need meat to be healthy. In fact, it's starting to show the opposite. 
  93. I have a better immune system. Compared to when I ate meat and dairy, I rarely get super sick now. I also bounce back sooner. 
  94. Many athletes are choosing to go vegan to help their game. 
  95. Beyonce did it. 
  96. It simplifies meal time so I have more time to do other things I love. 
  97. You don't have to become a vegan overnight. You can ease into it. You can be a partial vegan. You do you. You are making a difference. 
  98. It prompts you to find more organic and whole food options- which is way healthier! 
  99. Most vegans don't need to take nutritional supplements because they are getting all the nutrients they need. 
  100. It has been one of the most positive and wonderful decisions I've ever made in my entire life.