101 in 1001 // May 2017

It's that time of the year again! Time to check in on our 101 in 1001 lists. I can't believe that we started these lists in November of 2015...that seems like such a long time ago! Since then, I have seriously knocked some HUGE items off my list and made some serious headway on some others! 

Hike 10 new places // We hiked in the Shenadoah River Valley, which makes it our first hike in a national park! Only 3 more to go! 

Walk to the top of the Washington Monument // We finally did it! This has been on my list forever and for a while we were waiting for the construction to be done. The inside is beautiful and the views at the top are gorgeous! 

Try 30 new places to eat or drink in Baltimore // We've definitely been killing this one. We've been making it a priority to get downtown every weekend and our bellies are thankful for this one. 


Go to 10 events downtown // Thanks to the warmer weather, we have definitely made it to some events downtown so far this year. My favorites? Shamrock Shindig and Light City! 

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Pay off our credit cards // GUYS. I started this list with 4 credit cards and almost $10,000 of credit card debit in both of our names. We are paying off our THIRD credit card and we only have ONE LEFT. HAPPY DANCE! 

Keep track of our budget // Done and done. Thank you, Dave Ramsey. 

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Sponsor a child // We've always wanted to do this, but we are just now getting around to it. Each month, we send money our little guy, Ezekiel in Kenya. He has the same birthday as Brandon and he's PRECIOUS. 

Invest in zero waste items // Loving our new bamboo brushes! Thank you, Brush with Bamboo! 

Have a weekly date night with no excuses // We have always struggled to remain consistent with our date nights, but this year, we are doing a great job! I am so proud of us! 

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Tithe every week // We definitely want giving money to church to be an important part of our budget, but honestly, we usually go to church every week and never contribute. I know that's totally okay, but if we love our church (which we do), why wouldn't we give money back to God to use that moolah to do some awesome things? 

Get a full time job // Whoop whoop! 

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Read 5 new books // It's so funny to me that I thought this was a realistic goal for myself over a course of 3 years. Since I wasn't a reader when I made this list, I really thought I would only be able to read 5 books since I'm a classic start-but-don't-finish reader. However, I have changed my ways and this goal is officially crossed off. I started a new goal for myself in 2017-- to read 25 books-- and I am tracking my progress on Goodreads. 

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