Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd.

Our goal is to see all 30 baseball stadiums by 2020. We're going, cheering for the home team (with the exception of our rival teams!) and really soaking up the culture of the stadium! As we go, we're reviewing our time at each stadium and ranking our favorites. Follow our adventures on Instagram under the hashtag #ABandMLB

1. Oriole Park at Camden Yard // Baltimore

Pros: I can't help but gush over our home stadium. It's got charm, character, history, tradition and the best team in baseball...but maybe I'm biased (; Camden Yard is where it all started. Some stadiums may do it better, but Camden Yard is where all the inspiration came from. It doesn't hurt that the stadium is located just down the street from Babe Ruth's birthplace, either. We aren't just saying this cause we're from Baltimore, but compared to some of the other fans we've met on our travels and articles on the rankings of the best fans in baseball, we consider Orioles fans to be some of the most energetic and classy.

Cons: We wish there were more diverse food options that showed off all that Baltimore can offer when it comes to culinary delights. (Bring back Natty Boh!) We also wish that the stadium filled up more than 2/3 of the way on a consistent basis.

2. AT&T Park // San Francisco

Pros: This place is completely charming with a ton of great food options and some great weather to watch baseball in. It's right on the water which makes for a great stroll before the game. There are some fantastic food and beer options-- we especially loved the garden behind center field, as well the Coca-Cola Fan Lot behind center field as well.

Cons: While this place is consistently packed, with the Giants having recently won the World Series, we wish the fans were a tiny bit more classy and spent more time cheering the Giants and watching baseball, instead of inappropriately heckling the opposing team.

3. Safeco Field // Seattle

Pros: This place has completely mastered the dome on a stadium. When the dome is open, there is an amazing view of the skyline. This place is one of the more modern stadiums and I find it to be gorgeous. Surprisingly, there was a ton of design in this stadium, like a baseball bat chandelier and a license plate quilt featuring all 30 ball clubs. I have to say that the food here was probably the best food I've ever had at a baseball stadium, as well.

Cons: Seattle isn't exactly a baseball town, and the energy from the crowd was a bit lackluster. We loved Safeco but it did lack a certain "je ne sais quoi" that make stadiums like AT&T and Camden Yards so charming.

4. Citi Field // NYC

Pros: This place definitely has some of the best food in baseball. We also loved the little touches that were an ode to Mets fans. We found the fans to be super into their team and definitely there to watch baseball. We loved the intro done by Kevin James in the beginning and we really loved walking around the stadium! Lots of energy!

Cons: It's right by LaGuardia, which means there is a TON of noise from the airplanes taking off during the game, which is kinda distracting and annoying. There are also a lot of seats with obstructed views. The design of this stadium could have been better but

5. Progressive Field // Cleveland

Pros: I love the way this stadium fit right into the city- it was very easily accessible and made sense. The food scene here is AMAZING. The fireworks show is the best one I've seen in baseball. The management of this stadium is very organized and clear with directions.

Cons: I'm trying to think of one...

6. Comerica Park // Detroit

Pros: This place is awesome. There is so much to do and see, which makes it a great place to truly have a day at the ballpark. There's a Ferris wheel, fountains, a carousel and the Pepsi porch, which is a great place to relax in comfy chairs if you bought nosebleeds. I love the fountain display after a homerun! The energy was vibrant! 

Cons: We went on a Sunday and this place was PACKED. It seems like the stadium isn't conducive to large crowds. I wish the food was a little better, as it seems like all there really was to eat was your normal baseball stadium food. We also couldn't find our seats because the ones behind the scoreboard aren't labeled with the sections. I also wish the Pepsi Porch wasn't so tall, so you could get a better view of the city.

7. Fenway Park // Boston 

Pros: It's a classic. It's historic (over 100 years old!). There's a ton to see. There's a ton to do outside of the stadium on Yawkey Way. It is such apart of the culture of the city of Boston. 

Cons: It gets insane during game time so you need to get to the stadium hours before the game even starts if you would like a parking spot or a seat at any bar in the vicinity. I also wish they wouldn't have tarnished some of the beauty of the ball park with corporate sponsorship ads.