Hey there, I'm Annie. 

I'm a millennial, a native Baltimorean, a second grade teacher, a wife, a dog mom, a self-proclaimed professional thrift shopper, an old soul and an eco-friendly vegan. 

I used to be a regular at Buffalo Wild Wings where the waitresses all knew my names and had my order of salt-and-vinegar chicken wings with a side of ranch waiting for me. But in 2014, I did some research on where our food comes from and I saw things I couldn't unsee. I could no longer stomach eating, or exploiting, animals anymore. 

Since then, I've been working hard to rid as many animal -based, cruelty-based, unsustainable products for more compassionate, sustainable, eco-friendly and simple products as I can. 

When I first decided to make my life more compassionate, eco-friendly and plant-based, I didn't know anyone who lived this way. I learned everything I know from YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and good ol' Google. I LOVE sharing my knowledge on a more compassionate lifestyle with everyone who cares to listen and through my successes and failures, I want to show the world that it's super easy to live a compassionate lifestyle. I hope you'll tag along! 

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